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.Best Grocery Store That’s Not Berkeley Bowl

Piedmont Grocery

Unlike Safeway and other gi-normous grocery stores, Piedmont Grocery doesn’t stock just any old thing on its shelves. It’s a place for people who truly believe in eating well. Opened in 1902, it’s small, independent, and strives to carry only the best products, such as fine cheeses from around the world (with free samples); their own garlic butter; an excellent selection of meat and seafood (cut and wrapped for you by friendly, knowledgeable butchers); enough varieties of marinades and sauces to drown a large barn full of cattle and fowl; a deep selection of jam and jellies (some imported); and a very good selection of spirits, including single malt scotch. Best of all is its deli, which opened eight years ago, and presents a stomach-stirring variety of take-home meals, including chicken done nine ways. Prices are definitely on the high side, so if you’re suffering from the Recessionary Flu that’s taking down so many, you may want to save this place for when your fortunes change for the better. Then go celebrate. Parking is free for customers in the rear lot.


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music in the park san jose