.Best Greasy Spoon: Nothing if not humble

The Koffee Pot

This joint is about as quirky and quaint a greasy spoon as ever there was. The tiny shop stall between 25th and 26th streets underwent a major renovation last year, but it’s still roughly the size of a postage stamp, and its meals are just about as cheap. Sandwiches start at $2, and they’re amazing because they’re prepared by Sue, the sweetest breakfast slinger ever to clean a frying pan with stale bread. Her sunny-side-up eggs are bright enough to blot out the sun, and her bacon is always crispy and delicious. If you’re looking for breakfast or lunch and you’ve only got pocket change, the Koffee Pot is an infinitely preferable alternative to the dollar menu at the Taco Bell. And you just might find your eggs served to you by the Galaga champion of South Korea.


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