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Olive Bread at Phoenix Pastificio 

With its flour-dusted, thick, dark crust, springy interior, and generous serving of plump kalamata olives, Phoenix Pastificio’s olive bread is one of the best combinations of flavors the East Bay has ever given rise to. This delectable loaf is available at the Phoenix Pastificio shop tucked into Strawberry Creek Park, or at its stall at the Berkeley (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday), Oakland Grand Lake, Monclair, and Temescal farmers’ markets, as well as at various shops throughout the East Bay. The olive bread can be eaten with butter or soup, or used to make garlic bread or crispy toast, but once you get a whiff of the warm bread’s aroma, it won’t make it home to execute these grand plans. And, best of all, the owner is willing to trade Meyer lemons — an ingredient for its also excellent lemon pastas — for a loaf.


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