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KangNam Pho House

There are so many good options for lunch and dinner in Temescal these days that it can sometimes be hard to pick a spot. But if you’re looking for fast, cheap, delicious, and incredibly filling food, you can’t go wrong with KangNam Pho House, which offers up a wide variety of giant pho dishes for only $7.75 for the “regular” size. A “large” pho is $8.75, but is so big it’s nearly impossible for a single person to finish. (If you want all of the meats — rare steak, well-done brisket, flank, tendon, tripe, and beef — the regular is $8.45, and the large is $9.45.) The servers aren’t always super friendly or chatty, but you’ll shortly forgive any apparent rudeness once you realize how damn quickly they can get you your hot pho bowl. The Vietnamese restaurant in no way sacrifices quality for speed: While it takes only a few minutes to get your order, you’ll want to take your time eating the steaming pho, which will leave you full and satisfied — if you manage to consume it all.


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music in the park san jose