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Love at First Bite Cupcakery and Bakery

Has your love affair with cupcakes soured, now that these ubiquitous treats have become almost clichéd? Then now’s the time to bite into one that’s guaranteed to reignite your sugary passion. Meet “Pretty in Pink,” a tender little thing crowned with girly, pastel swirls that tastes so intensely of fresh strawberries, you won’t believe it. This $2.75 cupcake, offered every day year-round, is the second best-seller at Berkeley’s Love at First Bite, right after the Red Velvet. Not many bakeries offer a strawberry cupcake — for good reason. It took owner Patricia Powell a long time to perfect it so that the vibrant berry flavor really shines through. Real strawberries are mixed into both the batter and the buttercream frosting for these amazing cupcakes that are baked fresh every morning. “It’s pink, it’s eye-catching,” Powell says. “When people taste it, they come back for it and tell their friends. Even guys like it.”

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