.Best Cop Dancers in the East Bay

Eddie Russell and Andrew Barbara

Last month, at Richmond’s Juneteenth Festival, Richmond Police Sergeant Eddie Russell and Officer Andrew Barbara were caught doing the Wobble Dance on camera by Berkeley’s Angel Estes and quickly became YouTube celebrities. As Estes described it, DJ O Aces was spinning the tunes, and the uniformed pair couldn’t resist when V.I.C.’s “Wobble” came on. Barbara and Russell wiggled and shook — holsters bouncing — as onlookers cheered them on. At one point, a woman in a leather skirt and a pink top joined in. “It was so awesome,” Estes said. “I was noticing how they were interacting with the community. With all the crime, you wouldn’t think they’d have the time.” Actually, Richmond’s homicide rate hit a 33-year low last year, partially thanks to the East Bay’s best police chief, Chris Magnus. All that should be plenty of reason for the Richmond cops to dance.


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