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A real cheesesteak is a rare thing, and in this health-conscious, Atkins-haunted culture when every calorie, carbohydrate, and type of fat is watched, finding a place that makes a true cheesesteak is rare. It’s fortunate there are places that will allow you to eat the greasy, dripping, pornographically delicious cheesesteak in the way it was meant to be eaten. The best place to do this is the Cheese Steak Shop. For less than $10, you can get a unique meal that will have you full all day. As a matter of fact, after a good session here, you may need to go home for a nap. The secret to a good cheesesteak lies in two things: the roll and the meat. Other elements can be toyed with, but if the beef is not thinly sliced, cooked on a grill with the cheese, and put into a soft, warm Amoroso roll, it’s just not the same. The Cheese Steak Shop has every popular variant: the mushroom steak, the chicken cheesesteak, the cheesesteak hoagie (a cheesesteak like a cold sandwich with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, and mustard). You get the whole experience here, including pictures of Philadelphia, excellent fries, fountain sodas, and the real Philly treat, Tastykakes.

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