.Best Cannabis Indica

Ziablo, IC Collective

While Ziablo is not a drowsy indica, traditionally what some might consider the “best” kind, we bet it’ll be one of the best times you’ve had relaxing in a while. IC Collective is most famous for its cup-winning blends and renditions of the legendary Chemdog, the fabled strain discovered at a Grateful Dead show in the early 1990s, today we want to give it proper recognition for its newest gift to Shakedown Street. IC Collective is growing some of the best Zkittlez indoors anywhere. To create Ziablo, it paired a Diablo OG female with a dad made from Blueberry Headband x Sour Chem, then crossed a male from that project with Zkittlez. It’s certainly on the top shelf at any dispensary in the galaxy, but it’s worth every penny of compensation to these amazing cultivators growing real craft flowers in a market loaded with middle-tier product. When you open the jar you’ll get hit with a combination of fuel and candy aromas that’s well beyond unique.


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