Best Burgeoning Twilebrity

Louis Peitzman

Depending on who you ask, Twitter may or may not be fomenting revolutions, changing the fundamental nature of human interaction, and/or contributing to the downfall of the human race. This, however, is for certain: The microblogging service is making it a hell of a lot easier to give and receive LOLs. In terms of local talent, easily the most promising is Louis Peitzman, a Berkeley-based freelance writer who’s garnered some 4,000-plus followers with his 140-character observations on life (“Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to text and you hit every green light?”), pop culture (“they should make a movie with Katy Perry and Russell Brand and film it on an island and there isn’t a movie and let’s leave them there”), and the medium itself (“I just wasted so many potential tweets in casual conversation. :-(“). Already more than 18,000 tweets deep, Peitzman knows how to use the medium to cultivate a distinct comedic voice — in his case, a sort of gayer, Berkeley-er, more celebrity-savvy Woody Allen type: neurotic and painfully self-aware but in a way that’s funny rather than sad. (To wit, his bio: “I’m scared of most things, but I feel secure knowing the rhythm is never going to get me.”). Follow him; you won’t regret it.


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