Best Budget Sushi

GetA Japanese Restaurant

“Hole in the wall” is invariably the first thing that comes to mind when pondering this no-frills eatery half a block off of Piedmont Avenue. It seats a couple dozen diners at most, including the sushi bar, leaving nary enough room for the continual stream of people picking up take-out. But “authentically Japanese” might be more accurate. Squeezing through the door, it’s easy to imagine you’ve breezed through a portal into Tokyo, where tidy mom-and-pop sushi bars are the norm, and where you’re also greeted with a friendly, if harried, Irasshaimase! GetA’s offerings are basic (and easily recognizable — none of Mijori’s crazy sushi concoctions here) but expertly rendered: slabs of the freshest fish stacked on rice, veggie tempura fried with that right, light touch, sumptuous rice bowls, steaming miso flecked with crunchy spring onion. A decent selection of sake and Japanese beer or soda pop wash down the perfect meal — which also happens to be one of the best deals in town. Got a twenty? You’ve got dinner for two, and some change with which to pick up a pack of Hi-Chew green apple candy for the road.


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