.Best Bargain Bi Bim Bap

Bento & Bowls

If you have a hankering for Korean bi bim bap bowls, a new low-frills restaurant has opened in the Temescal District located in a not-so-hot-looking strip mall next to Lee’s Donuts and Burger King. For the uninitiated, “bibim” means mixing various ingredients, while the “bap” refers to rice. Bi bim bap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with sautéed and seasoned vegetables, kimchi, and chili past. A fried egg is placed on top. But don’t let the location fool you. The food is good, and affordable. The cooks give you two bowls, one with the rice on the bottom and the second filled with veggies, meat and tofu, depending on what you order. Basic small bowls of either chicken katsu or a mix of spinach, edamame, and other vegetables are $11.99, which is plenty of food for dinner and some lunch leftovers the next day.

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