Barbara Lee Won’t E-Mail Me

The folks over at the California Patriot, UC Berkeley’s conservative journal, e-mailed us to gripe about a lack of responsiveness by the campaign of Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Chief Cal Patriot blogger Patrick Rodriguez had set out to e-mail each of the Ninth District’s three candidates for brief snapshots, asking them to describe their core values, why they’d be best for the district, and what they want to say to young voters.

Liberterian Jim Eyer and Republican John Den Dulk duly responded, but the blogger’s repeated e-mails to the Lee campaign merely resulted in error messages. “Barbara Lee’s campaign email address hasn’t worked for weeks,” Rodriguez says. “How’s that for keeping in touch with constituents?”

Loath to take anyone’s word for anything, we tried e-mailing the congresswoman’s campaign, and got the same result: “Sorry, unable to deliver your message to [email protected] for the following reason: 552 Quota violation for [email protected]

522 Quota violation? Not being IT geeks, we’re not sure what the heck that means, but Rodriguez thinks it means that the campaign inbox is full, so get lost, you pesky person, because Babs Lee will win in this district every time, with or without you. Okay, Rodriguez didn’t actually say that – we were just messing around. But he did say this of the failed attempts. “Regardless of your political views, there’s just something not right about that, in my opinion.”

Yep, Pat. It just ain’t right. Then again, you students should be aware that there now exists a strange device that lets you punch in a number and actually speak directly to someone all the way across town, without even having to type! We harnessed this amazing technology to contact Lee’s people and ask about the e-mail issues. If the campaign folks were aware of any such problem, volunteer Sarah Hersh wasn’t letting on. “We certainly haven’t had any complaints about that, but thank you for calling us up and telling us about it,” she said.

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