At Jupiter’s Mercy

For the week January of 19-25, 2011.

Maintaining a “beginner’s mind” is the best way to navigate the seas of conscious living this week. Two planets are beginning new cycles, and as the stars start anew, so do we. So put aside preconceptions, empty your head of assumptions, and show up in the moment, prepared to learn. Even if you’re sure you know the answer, do the math, again, and don’t worry about losing face if you don’t know the answer. You won’t be the only person with more questions than answers. You also won’t be the only one in need of a compassionate word or a kind, considerate helping hand.

The Sun moves into Aquarius on Thursday, and while I don’t often spend time on the Sun’s shift from Sign to Sign, this week the humanitarian perspective of Aquarius seems like a good place to anchor body, mind, and soul. Because each of us has Aquarius in some sector of our natal chart, all of us have the potential to feel the Sun’s shift in perspective. Known for its egalitarian philosophy, Aquarius is idealistic and hopeful, qualities many of us could use a little more of in our lives right now. As the Sun illuminates the optimism of Aquarius, allow that light to infiltrate your point of view. Remember: Attitude is everything.

On Saturday, Jupiter moves from Pisces into Aries, a change in astral emphasis that promises to produce several dramatic shifts. Jupiter represents the principle of expansion, and its vast domain ranges from global travel and communication to the infinite expanse of spiritual search to the unbounded wells of knowledge that lie between heaven and earth — and it’s funny (it also rules humor). Pisces, a Water Sign, signifies altered consciousness, from the infinite realms of the imagination to mystical meditation to drug and alcohol states of awareness. Aries, a Fire Sign, symbolizes passionate physical adventure that often manifests as the need to discover and explore new territories. If Pisces represents the urge to merge, Aries is the desire to individuate. But the distinction between these two Signs doesn’t end there. Pisces, a Mutable Sign, is one of the peacemakers of the zodiac, whose spiritual leanings tend toward conciliation. Aries is the Greek God of War, who is far more interested in winning a battle than in negotiating a compromise. And as Jupiter moves into Aries, it would be wise to be mindful about how many battles you are determined to win and at what cost. Also be aware of how easy it is to replace receptivity with activity.

As the week unfolds, keep an open heart by keeping an open mind. Listen and consider before jumping to conclusions that may not be appropriate.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Jupiter’s journey through your Sign stimulates a deep yearning for adventure and a desire to see the world. Rather than fighting these impulses, indulge them, and if you can’t travel around the world, allow yourself to discover multidimensional vistas of every variety — physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

TAURUS Jupiter moves into your Solar House of the unconscious, provoking internal affairs. Be prepared for increased dream activity. Also anticipate an expanded interest in psychology or meditation techniques.

GEMINI Jupiter’s optimism inspires you to expand your vision for how to share your gifts with the world. Whether it is writing your memoir, volunteering as a tutor, or performing at the local drama club, allow yourself to participate in your community.

CANCER Jupiter moves into your Solar House of career, stirring your desire for success. Embrace this ambition boost by expanding your assessment of your potential. Then get ready to do the hard work of actualizing your vision.

LEO If there were ever a time for a spiritual quest, it would be now. But chances are you won’t be able to satisfy that itch. The good news is that daily life offers plenty of immediate opportunities to seek, apply, and integrate a more spiritually enlightened view.

VIRGO Jupiter brings its expansive presence to your Solar House of transformation, which means it’s going to provoke a lot of changes. There’s no need to worry about this process. Just be willing to let go of habits that no longer serve your greatest good, and you’ll manage Jupiter’s flow with ease.

LIBRA Jupiter’s entry into your Solar House of partnership signals the start of a new relationship cycle. As part of this process, relationships built on shaky ground could fall apart, while those built on solid ground will only increase in strength.

SCORPIO Jupiter’s expansive reach definitely increases your workload, which is sure to translate into longer hours. Here’s the good news: Jupiter is also the planet of good fortune, which means there are plenty of opportunities to make more money.

SAGITTARIUS Jupiter inspires creativity as it simultaneously arouses an appetite for romance. There’s no reason why you can’t pursue all your inclinations; after all, Jupiter is your Ruling Planet, and its wide range of interests mirrors your own.

CAPRICORN Jupiter moves into the deepest sector of your Solar Chart, encouraging the urge to nest and make necessary home improvements. Give yourself permission to enjoy this process, and you’ll create the comfort you’re craving.

AQUARIUS You could be overwhelmed by a sudden urge to share all the details of your life with everyone, including strangers. Consider this a Jupiterian opportunity to expand your horizons, and simply make the most of it.

PISCES Jupiter enters your Solar House of resources, providing plenty of chances to improve your financial situation. Just make sure you don’t use its expansive presence in reverse and spend more than you have.


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