music in the park san jose

.A’s Playoff Run–Who do you Hate more?

The enemy of my enemy is one game back

music in the park san jose

Love how the ballplayers always reject the idea that they are “scoreboard watching” this time of year. Pennant races were proto-multi-tasking. Still are. Watching the A’s, while scrolling the Rays and trolling the Indians (and examining the Astros while at it). Their losses are as good as our wins, and when they start playing one another, it becomes fine sport to figure out what result you want. As if that makes any difference at all as to the results themselves.

So baseball season rolls to its best time of the year, where watching three games at once is fair game. Our hope is that Tampa Bay goes icy. If Houston and then Cleveland push the Rays around this weekend, the A’s can create the distance they need to get into the wild card game against a team they can beat. All this with the looming knowledge that a good month will give the A’s the opportunity to be play in a game that historically has proven they can’t beat anyone. So for now, go A’s, Astros and Tigers. And what the hell, Diamondbacks too. Still can’t believe, we couldn’t beat the Giants.


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