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Another Black Muslim Bakery Murder?


Authorities have found the body of a man who they believe had ties to Oakland’s infamous Your Black Muslim Bakery, according to the Chron. Omar Sharif Allah, also known as Ronnie Brown, disappeared in October 2007, two months after Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey was assassinated. Authorities think they have found Allah’s body in San Francisco’s McLaren Park, although they have yet to make it official. The body has been dead for at least a year, and it was found wrapped in duct tape and a blue tarp, which is suspiciously like how the body of former bakery leader Waajid Bey was left after he was killed. Waajid Bey took over the bakery in 2003 after the death of its founder Yusuf Bey, and he went missing in early 2004. Oakland police believe he was killed in an internal bakery struggle.