And the Winners Are …

Presenting the results of our first reader survey of Bars, Clubs, & Coffeehouses. We asked the questions and you answered them.

Cheapest Drinks

Merchant’s Saloon

Runners up: Acme Bar, Stork Club, Missouri Lounge.

Stiffest Drinks

Acme Bar

Favorite Jukebox

Acme Bar

Runner up and notable answer: Club Mallard, “they all have the crappy Internet ones.”

Sweatiest Dance Floor

White Horse Inn

Runners up: The Layover, Luka’s Tap Room, Kitty’s.

Most Reliable Pickup Bar

The Ruby Room

Runners up: Acme Bar, White Horse Inn, The Layover.

Gayest Bar or Theme Night

White Horse Inn

Runner up and notable answer: Bench and Bar, “I don’t know; I guess I need to hang out with gay people more often.”

Most Challenging Trivia or Game Night

Albatross Pub

Runner up and notable answer: Ben ‘n Nick’s, “Ugghhhh.”

Most Accommodating Place to Watch the Game

Acme Bar

Runners up and notable answer: Ricky’s Sports Theater & Grill, The Englander, “My man cave.”

Most Comfortable Outdoor Seating


Runners up: Raleigh’s, Missouri Lounge, Beer Revolution, Grand Tavern.

Sexiest Bar Staff

Acme Bar

Runners up and notable answer: The Layover, The Uptown, “Vice Ultra Lounge, Walnut Creek. Lower back piercings.”

Tastiest Bar Food

Adesso, Missouri Lounge (tie)

Runners up: Eli’s Mile High Club, Mua.

Most Inventive Cocktails


Runners up: Penelope, Somar Bar & Lounge

Finest Beer Selection

Beer Revolution, The Trappist (tie)

Finest Bourbon Selection


Runner up: Acme Bar

Finest Scotch Selection

Acme Bar

Finest Tequila Selection

La Penca Azul (Formerly La Piñata)

Runners up: Acme Bar, Cocina Poblana, The Layover

Finest Selection of Wines by the Glass

César, Sidebar (tie)

Runners up: À Côté, Adesso, Bocanova, Zza’s Wine Bar

Finest Drip Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee

Runners up and notable answer: Peet’s, Remedy, “I don’t know because I dilute my coffee with half and half and Splenda.”

Smoothest Espresso

Awaken Café

Runners up: Caffe Trieste, Blue Bottle Coffee, Peet’s

Most Artful Foam

Awaken Café

Runners up: Gaylord’s Caffe Espresso, Zocalo Coffeehouse

Largest Tea Selection


Runners up and notable answer: Julie’s Coffee & Tea Garden, Numi, Peet’s, “Don’t drink that pussy shit.”

Most Stylish Baristas

Awaken Café

Runners up: Farley’s East, Blue Bottle

Most Laptop-Friendly Cafe

Actual Cafe

Runner up: Local 123

Tastiest Cafe Food

Actual Cafe

Runners up: Awaken Café, Caffe Trieste, Farley’s East

Artiest Cafe

Mama Buzz

Runner up and notable answer: Awaken Café, “Somewhere in Berkeley.”


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