A Wrinkle in Time

For the week of May 5-11, 2010.

For the next several weeks, the sky is in transition, and so are we. Certain planets are completing old cycles as well as beginning new ones, and as they simultaneously wind down and rev up, the normal linear patterns of daily life here on Earth are more likely to resemble episodes in a holographic time tableau than regular consistent routines.

Anticipate time warps where the past, present, and future merge with a blur that either defies definition or offers dazzling clarity. Be sure to take notes — even and especially if you don’t understand what’s happening. And don’t worry: There will also be plenty of real-time moments. Just be aware, those moments are best spent keeping your feet on the ground. Because transitions tend to be awkward and because time travel wrecks havoc on nervous systems, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and other disorders related to intense stress are probable. The best way through is to be gentle with yourself and with others. A kind word could make all the difference.

The ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition, exact on April 26, is in the process of separating. The problem is that Jupiter puts the kibosh on a complete divorce, because Jupiter is moving into an opposition with Saturn, exact on May 23, as well as a conjunction with Uranus, exact on June 8 — in Aries (more about that next week). Jupiter’s presence pretty much holds the Saturn/Uranus opposition in place until the final opposition on July 26, which translates into three months of increasing intensity. As many of you know, the Saturn/Uranus opposition symbolizes the dissolution of stagnant structures, personal and collective, internal or external. Jupiter’s presence amplifies the breakdown of those obsolete systems, but that doesn’t mean they will vanish quietly. They haven’t so far and there is no reason to expect that the individuals related to those systems are going to suddenly abandon their resistance to change. And that resistance is going to exacerbate the strain of polarized positions.

Adding further frustration to the mix, Mercury is Retrograde until early evening on May 11. As many of you also know, Mercury Retrograde is not a good time to initiate new plans or projects. It’s a time to review and reflect, and a time to patiently cull through the details. But this Mercury Retrograde feels too potent to be patient. Uranus, while not directly connected to Mercury, looms large through its conjunction with Jupiter. And because Uranus represents startling plot twists, there is the possibility that surprising information could emerge. That expectancy is making many of us antsy for action.

As the Taoist sages might advise: In uncertain times, take no unnecessary action. Instead, gather your strength and resources. There will be plenty of opportunities to act in the future. But right now, we are in the present, where the future is created by our response to what was set in motion in the past. This is what makes the present so powerful — it is the ultimate creative moment. Use it wisely.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES Continue to put one foot in front of the other, and don’t let your growing anticipation distract you. Let your imagination envision what you want to create, then continue to focus on that potentiality.

TAURUS Put on your thinking cap to contemplate how you could create greater personal financial stability. This is not just an exercise. If you can channel your energy into positive goals, you’re less likely to succumb to the collective intensity.

GEMINI Anticipate odd interruptions from partners, personal or professional, but don’t expect these breaks to be negative. Consider them spontaneous outbursts of enthusiasm meant to inspire and ignite your creative process.

CANCER You can argue with friends over money, or you can understand that lots of people are feeling the pinch — which means money has become a sore topic. Rather than personalize the conversation, let the facts speak.

LEO Rely on your innate creativity to find solutions to several pressing problems with partners. It’s simply a matter of role reversal: Step into the other person’s perspective, see the world from that view, and your intuition will know how to restore balance.

VIRGO The best solution is an open and honest dialogue. I’m not suggesting a yelling match, but simply advising you to clear the air through authentic dialogue that respects all points of view.

LIBRA Rather than assume a rigid stance, stay as flexible as possible, even if you feel that several specific needs are being overlooked. There will be time later to fine-tune all the arrangements.

SCORPIO You may not think that your contribution is noticed or appreciated, but if you allow yourself to listen closely to what’s being said, you will be surprised by the thoughtful comments of your contemporaries.

SAGITTARIUS You have every reason to be antsy — you can feel the change, even if it hasn’t happened. Hold on and be patient; there will be plenty of opportunities to be seen as well as heard.

CAPRICORN The deep rumble of change has you a little discombobulated, but don’t worry. Yes, this stage of transition is uncomfortable, but the more the shifts unfold, the happier you will be.

AQUARIUS The situation requires a no-nonsense approach that respects the surface problem, but also acknowledges the deeper context. Be as objective as possible and then lead with your heart.

PISCES External tumult could have a detrimental effect on your peace of mind. Instead of forcing yourself to participate, withdraw to the quiet of home and allow yourself to take life at your own pace.

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