A Week of Clarity and Invention

For the week of May 20-26, 2009.

The planets are aligned in simple patterns this week, and their
simplicity offers opportunities for clarity. Don’t get me wrong —
the seemingly incessant intensity of daily life does not disappear.
We’re still in Mercury Retrograde, after all, which translates into an
unrelenting need to pay attention to the smallest of details. But
overall, we get a little break, and if you’re as tired as I am, the
lack of astral complexity is a welcome relief.

We’re in the last ten days of Mercury Retrograde, which means we’re
in the last ten days of a slow-mo, rewind review of most, if not all,
things in our individual lives related to communication. Conversations,
letters, e-mails, contracts, negotiations, term papers, and everything
connected to computers — if language is being used at all —
is certain to have suffered during this retrograde. Mercury goes Direct
on May 30, but we probably won’t feel the keen wind of its forward
motion until June 1 or 2. Remember, the don’t-initiate-anything-new
rule still applies for three days after Mercury turns around. So try
not to let frustration motivate you to jump the gun.

But there is good news about the last days of this Mercury
Retrograde phase. First, from this week until the middle of June,
Mercury squares the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction, a powerful
interaction that amplifies altruistic endeavors. As Mercury squares
this conjunction, it activates imagination as it simultaneously
stimulates inspiration. Be prepared for lots of ideas, all of which
could have a strong visual component capable of revealing the entire
design in one great flash of brilliance. This square also stimulates
conversation — lots and lots of conversation. So if you are a
writer, spend your words on paper before they slip away through
dialogue or idle chatter.

The second bit of good news is a Mercury/Uranus sextile, which also
is in effect through the middle of June. This positive union generates
an inventive mindset, as it simultaneously encourages all sorts of
interests, from the technical to the intuitive. This is one of my most
favorite interactions because it provides the potential to shift out of
stagnant patterns. It also provides the energy to break free from
intellectual habituations that inhibit rather than enhance creativity
and transformation. The best news about this Mercury/Uranus sextile is
that it has the capacity to amplify the altruistic intentions of the
Jupiter/Neptune conjunction by providing dazzling flashes of how those
humanitarian longings can be concretized. Remember, Uranus embodies the
thunderbolts and lightning of change, often thought to be guided by
divine intention. And those Uranian thunderbolts have the power to
illuminate previously unseen or unconsidered choices.

It’s a good week to clarify confusing situations, even and
especially those circumstances that seem mired in muck. You’ll need to
be direct and precise, but you’ll also need to be patient with yourself
and others.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that,

ARIES It’s a choice: Get lost in potent emotions that could
distract, or take a deep breath, refuse to engage in petty squabbles,
and stay focused on success. Sounds like a no-brainer, but keeping your
feelings in check will take some doing.

TAURUS Seize the opportunity for clarity, especially in your
career concerns, and you’ll be able to sort through what’s important to
you and what isn’t, which will create the perfect environment to make
any necessary adjustments and improvements.

GEMINI You’re still dealing with a lot of difficult
decisions, but that doesn’t mean you’re not up to the challenge of
making the right choices. Take a moment to prioritize your goals and
you’ll find it easier to organize your time and energy.

CANCER Use this time to sort through difficult interactions
with friends and/or significant others. Be aware, this isn’t so much
about who’s right; it’s about understanding how unconscious
motivations, yours or others’, may affect the situation.

LEO Try not to rule out inspirational encounters with people
who will not only stimulate your creative process but also assist you
in gaining greater clarity. Stay open to vital, positive feedback, and
you’ll make tangible gains.

VIRGO The trick is figuring out how to be patient,
innovative, and grounded all at the same time. I’m not saying it can’t
be done; I’m saying it must be done. And if anyone can combine those
three approaches, it’s you.

LIBRA Your week actually is all about balance, especially
maintaining your creative equilibrium. If you are rigorously honest
about what matters most, you’ll be able to handle the subtle and not so
subtle changes with ease.

SCORPIO At first glance the situation at home appears
unsettled, but a deeper look will reveal a strong current of change. If
you can tolerate the uncertainty for a little while longer, you’ll be
pleased with the outcome.

SAGITTARIUS Yes, there are mixed messages from significant
others, personal and professional, but that doesn’t mean you need to be
confused. So rather than react, sort through each situation one step at
a time.

CAPRICORN Your current financial picture isn’t as much about
lack as it is about security. Use the clarity of the week to review
your finances and see if you can come up with an innovative solution
that will shift your attitude.

AQUARIUS You have complete permission to feel confident in
your choices, so go ahead and share your opinions. Not every idea will
“stick,” but some of them will make a real difference.

PISCES Try not to worry if some of what’s said is repetitious
— we’re in a retrograde, and that means repetition is assumed.
And by the way, some things are definitely worth repeating.


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