A Time to Solidify Your Finances

For the week of July 8-14, 2009.

Astral-adrenaline surges pulse through daily life this week, making
it hard to settle down or settle in. Even those of us who look as
grounded as a mountain may be experiencing deep internal volcanic
movement. And those who are normally a little spacey may be barely able
to feel their feet. We’re in the wake of two wobbling celestial events:
Uranus went retrograde on Wednesday, July 1, a course correction
celebrated by electronic madness as everything from iPods to
refrigerators went on the blink. And a Lunar Eclipse on July 7 reversed
the “normal” order of things, highlighting issues of safety, security,
and survival. Oy. It is a week to chop wood, carry water, and apply
consciousness to the simple tasks of life.

Uranus is best known as the astrological father of innovation and
mother of invention, and its presence is usually experienced as sudden
and surprising events that revolutionize reality. We’ve been in the
thrall of a powerful Uranus configuration – a Saturn/Uranus
opposition – since last September. Saturn represents structure
and limitation, and their opposition signifies powerful challenges to
the status quo. The last time this opposition occurred was the mid
1960s, a time of multidimensional revolutions in consciousness and
culture. For many astrologers, including myself, this current
opposition signaled the economic revolution we are currently
experiencing. Since the end of this February, as Saturn went
Retrograde, and Uranus moved forward, we have had a slight –
okay, infinitesimal – respite from the grueling bad news about
the stock market. And some are predicting that we have hit the bottom
of the barrel of difficulty and are moving up. I would be cautious
about being overly optimistic. The third exact opposition within this
cycle will occur on September 15, which means by the beginning of
August, as Uranus moves back into a tight opposition with Saturn, we
could see even more turmoil. That being said, Uranus thrives on
surprise, which translates into anyone’s guess about what the next
opposition will bring. From a personal perspective, Uranus Retrograde
is going to challenge decisions made in the heat of the moment during
the last few months. So be prepared for reversals of fortune of every
denomination, not just financial.

The July 7 Lunar Eclipse took place along the Cancer/Capricorn axis;
the Moon is in Capricorn, the Sun is in Cancer. When the Sun
overshadows the Moon, conscious concerns take the lead, and because
Cancer and Capricorn are both pragmatic, practical Signs, this eclipse
is sure to exacerbate issues of financial survival. Rather than get
swept away by amorphous, generalized anxiety, use this eclipse event to
identify the next step in solidifying your financial safety. Be aware,
eclipses distort time, and often the effect is felt six weeks prior to
or after the actual event.

This is a week to keep breathing as often and deeply as possible.
Nervous systems of every ilk are feeling the strain of intensity and
the more each of us is able to maintain our calm, the better for all of

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that,

ARIES Use your natural sense of adventure to transform your
anxiety into excitement. Instead of allowing worry to dampen your
enthusiasm, channel that intensity into a bold new plan for the

TAURUS The eclipse could provoke communication confusion, as
information about where and when gets muddled. Be precise, take your
time, and don’t allow yourself to be pushed into an uncomfortable

GEMINI The eclipse challenges your ability to stay focused on
your current financial situation. So rather than let your powerful
imagination carry you away on a wave of anxiety, just keep putting one
realistic foot in front of the other.

CANCER Give yourself permission to think of relationship as a
verb rather than a noun, and you’ll have a much easier time negotiating
the current intensity. Relating is an active process that allows for
dynamic interaction.

LEO While it is a cliché, honesty is the best
policy. Be true to yourself and you’ll stay in your integrity. Be in
your integrity with others, and that wholeness will allow all your
relationships to flourish and prosper.

VIRGO The eclipse reveals valuable information about friends
and associates previously hidden from view. Take your time digesting
this data. If you use it wisely, you will be able to transform an old
annoying pattern.

LIBRA Career issues dominate daily life as you attempt to
figure out where your energy is best spent. As part of your sorting
process, pay attention to what feels like a satisfying labor of

SCORPIO Certain conversations deliver important information,
but the data may not be communicated clearly or directly. So listen
closely and pay attention to detail as well as nuance.

SAGITTARIUS Your current financial situation is not just a
matter of money. It also has a lot to do with issues of self-esteem and
self-confidence. Investigate how you can increase your self-worth, and
the money will follow.

CAPRICORN The eclipse continues to stimulate partnership
themes, particularly how to balance the needs of loved ones with
personal needs. While this is never an easy balance to establish, it
will be worth your time and effort to try.

AQUARIUS Try not to let anxiety undermine your creative flow.
Yes, there are challenges to overcome and not every picture is
completely rosy, but a negative attitude will only corrupt your
enthusiasm. And that would be a shame.

PISCES The eclipse could reveal information you could sense
but weren’t quite able to identify. As these revelations occur, give
yourself time to digest the data before you move into action.


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