.A New Mantra

For the week of December 7-13, 2011.

The world goes even more topsy-turvy this week, as a series of planetary events, each with differing time signatures, makes it nearly impossible to find a comfortable personal pace. Don’t be surprised if you can’t catch your breath between the rise and fall of crises big and small — and I’m not talking about the stock market. The planets are so busy this week, and each astral presence is so strong, that even the non-believers might be inclined to believe there is a connection between heaven and earth.

Here’s the skinny:

(1) Early in the morning on Saturday, December 10, Uranus goes Direct. Pay attention. We always experience a “bump” in the ethers when Uranus, the representative of startling plot twists, makes a “course correction.” The days prior to this turnaround are certain to be uncomfortable, if only because Uranus always affects nervous systems. Don’t be surprised if you or those around you are experiencing high anxiety or disturbed sleep patterns.

(2) On that very same day and only a few hours later, there is a lunar eclipse, with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini. During a lunar eclipse, conscious concerns override unconscious ones. Eclipses tend to distort time, so put aside any expectations that any of your plans will go smoothly. (Then you can be pleasantly surprised if they do.) Also be prepared for emotional tides — yours or others’ — to run much higher than usual, even for this time of year. (Think: “flood zone.”)

But that’s not all.

(3) Mercury goes direct on December 13. Normally, the last few days of Mercury Retrograde slow to a crawl, but because Uranus will be gaining forward momentum, the end of this retrograde is going to be particularly eccentric. Translation: Regular routines will take on peculiar rhythms. One minute it’s “full-speed ahead,” and the next it’s “step on the brakes.” Try not to get confused, and most importantly, be patient with yourself and your fellow travelers.

(4) In the midst of all this astral activity, the Sun/Mars square that’s been turning tempers more than a tad testy is finally separating, and as that fractious interaction ends, many of us will find it easier to be kinder to ourselves and to each other.

Fortunately, a Saturn/Neptune trine fosters foresight, and, for those who need it, restraint. The mantra for this Saturn/Neptune trine is “Cooperation. Consideration. Collaboration” — a refrain you might want to substitute for the seasonal “fa-la-la-la-la.” Chant it often, especially on days when you think you’ll just melt down in antsy frustration or anxiety. Also, use it in dealing with others who may not be as kind as you. Remember: Each one of us has the power to change the world through simple acts of heartfelt charity and care for our fellow travelers.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES There continue to be opportunities to make tangible, positive financial gains, especially if you are willing to do whatever hard work it takes to set the wheel of your success in motion. Continue to stay focused and determined to succeed, and you will.

TAURUS Allow yourself to be wholeheartedly devoted to your own transformation, and your efforts will have a positive effect on those you love. You don’t have to preach; just be an example of what you believe in.

GEMINI It’s still a bit of a bumpy ride with partners, personal and professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the stability you’re searching and longing for. Make your personal peace a priority and you’ll find a way of managing your stress.

CANCER Given that you may be feeling hypersensitive to criticism, it might be wise to embrace the philosophy of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you: Don’t say to someone else what you wouldn’t want to hear.

LEO Be happy with your current situation, and refuse to waste one moment of time worrying about the future. Remember: The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality. Be happy, and your joy will only increase.

VIRGO You have a couple of choices: Make demands that others might find unreasonable, or present your plan so precisely that others will be persuaded by the elegance of your plan and the clarity of its logic.

LIBRA Rather than dwell on all the things that are “wrong,” concentrate on what’s going well. Then read Leo, above, and add this: Whatever you focus your attention on becomes your reality.

SCORPIO Despite an atmosphere of strife, and maybe even in spite of it, you have the strength and determination to move forward in a positive direction. Stay focused, and use this time to build a strong foundation for future successes.

SAGITTARIUS While most of what you’re saying makes sense, some of your loquacious ramblings could use some editing — especially the parts where you’re a little too honest, as in, “That red dress looks great; much better than the one you wore last week.”

CAPRICORN Try not to let yourself brood over past events that you wish you had handled differently. Release the notion that there is a perfect way to be and you will find it much easier to accept yourself as you are.

AQUARIUS Rather than waste precious resources of time and energy trying to micromanage the situation, let go. Even if it isn’t easy releasing the need for control, just making the attempt to trust will alleviate your stress.

PISCES Share your ideas freely, and don’t shy away from healthy disagreements with others over the fine points. Sometimes confrontation can be beneficial, especially when we don’t personalize the differences.


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