music in the park san jose

.A Federal Crackdown on California?: Forum Announced

music in the park san jose

The passage of California Proposition 19 would cause a full-blown constitutional conflict with the federal government, and would be in violation of numerous international drug control treaties, the Rand Corporation reports. What the feds have done and will do becomes a subject of debate Friday in the forum ‘Marijuana and Federalism: California a Test Case,’ featuring Assemblyman Tom Ammiano as well as Mendocino law enforcement, medical cannabis lawyers, and other experts. Opponents of Prop. 19 claim the federal government could pull billions of dollars in funds from the state. Proponents note that the same thing was said of Proposition 215, which passed to no such repercussions, and that states often lead the way repealing unjust laws like alcohol prohibition. Full details after the jump.


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