.A Clean Slate

For the week of April 14-20, 2010.

Attitude is everything this week. But before you assume your stance, make sure you’re tuned into the biggest possible perspective through the broadest bandwidth you can manage — and don’t forget to include a long-range time trajectory that contains the possibility of holographic travel. We are in the midst of crossing an astral threshold of concentrated planetary activity that includes the beginning of the end of one cycle and a preview of what lies ahead.

From a spiritual point of view, a threshold symbolizes the potential to move from one mode of existence to another; it is the boundary that delineates two different, often opposing realities. And that can certainly be said about the coming weeks and months (even years, but more about that in future columns), for as we move through this series of astrological events, much of what occurs in daily life will resemble an initiation into new modes of awareness-based action. The best way to handle the shift is to stay open to change. But this isn’t about willing yourself to do something because you should; successfully crossing this astrological threshold requires allowing an organic process of recognizing what no longer has value in your life and then sloughing off habitual behavior related to the outdated system. Discharging the detritus of unconscious living is no small feat, but the results will be worth it.

The ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition will be exact for the fourth time on April 26. From our terrestrial perspective, that’s already close enough to feel its presence, but as the opposition tightens its grip, many of us are likely to experience an intensified reaction. For some, the coming weeks of intensity will manifest as an increased, almost intolerable sensitivity. Others will feel a call to action, even if the action itself isn’t quite clear yet. And still more are likely to experience a strong desire to be of service, helping those less capable of coping with a sustained period of change.

Saturn represents structure, and Uranus represents innovation; as they oppose one another, one of the ways to contextualize this fourth contact is to see it as a challenge to existing belief systems — especially beliefs that are comfortable, yet obsolete from an objective perspective. From capitalism to karma, the Saturn/Uranus opposition is extending a cosmic invitation to reconsider what you believe in, and why. Make good use of this opportunity by taking a sober, yet innovative look at the ideas and values that inform your opinions and actions.

Mercury Retrograde, from April 17 through May 11, provides the potential to examine the details of those belief systems. While Mercury Retrograde phases are notorious for delays and detours, they are brilliant for culling through the specifics and particulars of just about everything. Normally, Mercury retrograde review is limited to communication and travel, but given that Mercury symbolizes all intellectual processes, the current retrograde can be put to good use examining the essentials of existing attitudes toward just about everything.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES Anticipate a need for extended dialogue with individuals whose opinions you trust and respect, and expect your conversations to inspire a deeper understanding of your core values.

TAURUS Your natural reticence takes a backseat to spontaneous, heartfelt expression. While this impulsivity may be awkward, much of what you have to say has a profoundly healing effect.

GEMINI Allow your imagination to lead, and you’ll discover the true value of your intuition. Facts are important and necessary, but learning to feel with your mind will help you to discern the true from the false.

CANCER The only obstacle to making creative, beneficial adjustments in your life is the need to cling to an old view. Catalyze innovative ways of approaching the same old same old by being willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

LEO Be precise about what it is you would like to accomplish and why that goal is important, then concentrate on what needs to be done to increase your momentum.

VIRGO Be cautious about taking the path of least resistance, especially if your intention is bypassing responsibility. You don’t have to support the universe, but it would be wise to be deeply committed to sustaining your personal world.

LIBRA You may find yourself embroiled in arguments or disputes you would rather not be a part of, but can’t easily escape. I’m not suggesting you stay in a negative situation, but some circumstances do require a strong stand.

SCORPIO Not every relationship is equal, but sometimes the gifts nullify the inequities. Consider the benefits of teamwork, and how enlisting the help of others could amplify your talent and creativity.

SAGITTARIUS While the minutiae may be boring, do not dismiss the details as unimportant; instead, concentrate on reviewing all the particulars, especially any fine points that directly affect the future.

CAPRICORN Apply your organizational skill to reassessing any creative endeavors already in progress or just about to launch. As part of this process, contemplate your intentions before making the necessary adjustments to align content with form.

AQUARIUS There is no need to be concerned if you suddenly experience a deep desire for quiet contemplation. Honor your inclination to withdraw — just tell loved ones what you are doing. This isn’t abandonment; it’s self-care.

PISCES Journaling might be a good practice during the coming weeks, especially if you use writing as a way of dialoguing with yourself. This is not so much a “dear diary” moment as it is a way to articulate what’s been brewing inside for quite some time.


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