6:02 p.m. Saturday: Best Place to Encourage the Arrows of Love

The Redwood Bowmen Association Range

Just behind the Chabot Observatory sits the best place to get lucky in the East Bay, a free archery range nestled around a sweet little stream. The secluded spot hosts families of deer and other fuzzy little things that’ll get you feeling all Snow White. Bring your bow and arrow (you know, like all of us own) and put your hands around your date to show them how to shoot at the targets. There’s also a trail with animal targets scattered throughout, all the better to steal a kiss. Just don’t make out in the bushes; there’s a ton of poison oak. There’s also lots of conversation to be had making fun of the amateur archers with big-ass bows who take about six hours to let fly. Near the entrance is a beautiful sunset vista, for when you head back to your car all atingle. Of course, if things didn’t go well, you can always pick up the bow and take aim at your date.

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