5:30 p.m. Friday: Best Place for an Anonymous Quickie

Aquatic Park

Parks offer all sorts of leisure activities. All sorts. So let’s say it’s been a long, hard day at the office and you could really use a long, hard … well, you know. Take a drive to the super-dark and secluded southern end of Berkeley’s Aquatic Park and park your car anywhere. Stay seated for a while. Maybe someone will knock at your window and want a ride. No luck? Get out, walk slowly. Soon, you’ll notice other men walking slowly. And if you’re lucky, they’re checking you out. Eye contact. Good, good. Yes, you can tell — it’s on. To the bushes! The city of Berkeley has conveniently left condoms in the bushes in case you’ve forgotten yours, though you shouldn’t be doing anything too unsafe to begin with. After all, you’re getting busy with some strange dude in a park. Once finished, you can part ways politely, head back to the car, and drive home to Walnut Creek to your unsuspecting wife and three kids.

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