You’re Grounded

For the week of July 13-19..

Celestial interactions are less complex this week than they have been in recent weeks. As the planets align in simpler patterns, life on Earth aligns with greater ease. The routines of daily life become more manageable, and as a result, attitudes shift out of “we gotta get out of this place” and into “be here now.” The simple willingness to show up for what’s actually taking place rather than what’s imagined allows practical concerns to gain traction, which is a welcome change for those who have felt hopelessly mired in emotional upheaval. It makes no difference whether you attribute this change in the emotional weather to the stars or to the lazy days of summer. Whatever the reason for the downshift, one thing is certain: As the astral excitement diminishes, it’s a whole lot easier to feel grounded and centered, inside and out.

Of course, it would be premature to say that the drama is completely behind us. We are actually in the first tight grip of a Uranus/Pluto square, a dynamic interaction between astrology’s two most powerful agents of change, and it is their astral aggravation that’s at the heart of the recent waves of change. It seems that every time these two planets come into direct contact with each other, revolution and evolution occur. A review of cultural trends related to interactions of Uranus and Pluto reveals seismic shifts in consciousness. From civil rights to human rights to gender rights to workers’ rights, Uranus and Pluto are always at the epicenter of the struggle for social justice. For those of you interested in the historical particulars, Rick Tarnas’ Cosmos and Psyche traces the various movements for social change that have occurred during powerful interactions between Uranus, the planet most determined to transform stagnation, and Pluto, the planet of molecular reorganization. From a personal perspective, this square will continue to bring persistent issues that impede progress into greater focus.

Two positive configurations support the curiosity and determination to pursue a deeper understanding of those repetitive patterns. First, a Mercury/Mars sextile provides the mental agility and intellectual flexibility for introspection. Use this positive signature for continued self-examination, especially in areas that have previously felt too tender to explore. Second, a Jupiter/Pluto trine sustains and actualizes the potential for penetrating insight. Jupiter is in Taurus, a Sign that embodies sensible wisdom and its practical application. Pluto is in Capricorn, the Sign that personifies the ability to distill wisdom from experience. At its best, this positive interaction offers the possibility of applied insight and the capacity to integrate spiritual insight into action.

Despite the inexorable undertow of the Uranus/Pluto square (a pull that will be with us for quite some time), use this week to replenish and restore body, mind, heart, and soul.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES There are real opportunities for you to make positive career shifts that are likely to include beneficial financial gains. Seize this moment by creating greater clarity about what’s required for success.

TAURUS One of your greatest assets is your innately grounded approach to life. Make revitalization of that gift a priority and you’ll be able to use this phase to restore your perspective and renew your center.

GEMINI Before you move into action, allow your imagination to envision the blueprint for what lies ahead. Embrace an expansive perspective that includes the broad strokes as well as the nuts and bolts of the details.

CANCER It is often easier for you to give rather than receive because part of your strength is your ability to nurture others. But allowing others to give can be just as nurturing, especially if you see it as an act of love.

LEO Figure out how to implement certain practices into your professional life and you’re guaranteed to gain momentum. Start with the basics: Show up, be present, and focus on the process rather than the outcome.

VIRGO First contemplate what you need to feel grounded and connected to yourself, and you’ll find it much easier to facilitate that same process with others — even if their path or goal differs from your own.

LIBRA Breathe deeply, and then breathe deeply again. It’s been a long, intense journey, and while you’re not at the end, you are at a juncture that’s best spent assessing just how much you’ve accomplished.

SCORPIO Conversations with partners have a restorative effect, even if some of what’s said is disturbing. If you can suspend judgment and simply listen carefully, you’ll find several gems of precious insight.

SAGITTARIUS There’s no need to pretend to be less than you are, so try not to confuse confidence with arrogance by making promises you can’t keep. Stick to what you can actually deliver, and you’ll be pleased with the results.

CAPRICORN While your sense of responsibility is legendary, it isn’t always wise to put work before play. Fun is not always frivolous; sometimes it’s necessary, because it rejuvenates both the body and the mind, which enables you to increase your load.

AQUARIUS Because so many aspects of your life are in flux, it’s important to find your internal center and to figure out what you need to stay grounded from the inside out. And don’t worry; the disruption won’t last forever.

PISCES Speak your mind, share your perspective, and don’t be concerned about sounding like you are on a soapbox. Simply ground yourself in the truth of your heart, and trust that your intentions will be well received.

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