.You Write Too Long: This Week’s Cover Story Bite-Sized

This week, “The Best Records of 2006”: In a radical departure from form, this week’s Express cover story is concise and to the point, with a handy consumer angle, yet. But we have a few questions: How, exactly, did Ray Charles know what his dice read when shooting craps (re: Rachel Swan’s Calvin Keys item)? Come on, you guys, make up your minds – is Two Gallants too literary and long-winded (re: Nate Seltenrich’s Trainwreck Riders cap) or does it actually get it right (Two Gallants cap by Cole Haddon)? How many times has David Downs visited Karen O’s MySpace page (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs)? What’s with all this swords ‘n’ sorcery stuff (Dragonlord item by Kathleen Richards)? How many Viking Stratocaster reverb kings does it take to fill a fjord (Mark Keresman on Terje Rypdal)? Get out your wallets.


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