.Wednesday Must Read: Small Victory for Chauncey Bailey Lawyers; Another Assault Near Lake Merritt

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1) Lawyers in the Chauncey Bailey case have been granted permission to play large portions of a potentially damning videotape, according to Thomas Peele at the Chauncey Bailey project. In the video, taken secretly in a police office five days after Bailey was gunned down in August 2007, former Your Black Muslim Bakery leader Yusuf Bey IV is said to laugh about the murder and refer to other acts of violence. The lawyer for co-defendant Antoine Mackey had tried to block the tape, saying it would unfairly damage his client, who isn’t in the video, but judge Thomas Reardon threw out that argument at a hearing yesterday. The tape may be played for the jury as early as today.

2) Yet another woman was allegedly assaulted near Lake Merritt yesterday; the OPD is, per the Trib, “urging caution.”


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