.Wednesday Must Read: Oakland Tribune Endorses Rebecca Kaplan; ‘Whore’ Is Not the N-word

Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. The Oakland Tribune and Contra Costa Times are endorsing Rebecca Kaplan for mayor of Oakland, saying she’s “the candidate who best blends intellect, fresh ideas, an ability to work with diverse groups, a clear understanding of city issues and the passion and communication skills needed at Oakland’s helm.” The papers recommend college professor and new analyst Joe Tuman as their second choice, and Councilwoman Jean Quan as their third pick. The papers refused to endorse ex-state Senator Don Perata, saying they found his “poor grasp of the issues appalling. He has repeatedly dodged tough questions while blaming others for the city’s problems rather than offering constructive solutions. He has no viable plans to avoid the looming layoffs of 122 more police officers. He also would not commit to reopening pension negotiations with the police union, which supports his candidacy.” The Express is endorsing Kaplan, Quan, and Tuman. See what we have to say about Perata here.

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