.Uranus/Saturn Opposition Spells Trouble

For the week of August 4-10, 2010.

Uncertainty consumes confidence this week, as pernicious planetary interactions continue to turn the routines of daily life into minefields of conflict and confrontation. And while I wish the sky had another story to tell, wishing it were different won’t make it so. We are in the midst of an insidious astrological pattern that just won’t quit — at least not until the beginning of September — and astral madness is taking its toll. Of course, we don’t need astrology to know which way the wind blows. All we have to do is watch the news.

Either way — through the stars or through a screen — the problems we face, collective as well as personal, are apt to seem insurmountable. The Uranus/Saturn opposition, now in its final phase, revealed the putrid underbelly of so many corrupt systems that it’s hard to imagine there’s anything left to reveal. When you combine this plethora of collective revelation with an equally disturbing pattern of personal disclosure, the whole situation just seems overwhelming. Which is why this week, the tendency to blame anyone for everything is going to spike off the charts. Do your best to resist the temptation to point a punishing finger. Don’t kick the dog, throw your cell phone against the wall in frustration, or blame the unseen government that controls every aspect of life from a hidden bunker. And certainly don’t blame the ETs.

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are all still aligned in a fractious interaction known as a T-Square, and the stress of their astral hostility heats emotional bodies to the boiling point, particularly Friday, as the Moon moves into Cancer and shifts the T-Square into a Cardinal Cross. Be aware that although getting angry may feel good in the moment, in the long run it will only make matters worse. The solution to our woes won’t be found by blaming. And don’t substitute responsibility for blame and think you are fooling anyone. Life needs to settle down a tad before clarity will restore some balance and peace of mind. What we all need right now is love. Period. Okay, maybe tough love in certain exceptional circumstances. While you may think the notion of love sounds silly, nothing else will really soothe the psychic and emotional storms that are already at hurricane force. I’m not talking about inauthentic love that slathers forgiveness on a situation like Russian dressing; I’m talking about real love, the kind that recognizes and respects all sentient beings — even Republicans.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that too.

ARIES This week’s Cardinal Cross continues to place the emphasis on relationship, particularly on the issue of needs. Pay close attention to how you respond to the needs of others and to how they respond to yours, and you’ll gather valuable information on the dynamics of relating.

TAURUS Question authority, and be sure to include a look at your own scope of influence. As you conduct this self-examination, be aware that recognizing what you don’t know and acknowledging your limitations is as important as acknowledging your expertise.

GEMINI Issues of value, financial or psychological, could overwhelm your ability to maintain a cheerful attitude. The best antidote to your situation is to develop a joyous attitude that will help you to create positive solutions to several very real problems.

CANCER Holding back your opinions will be like trying to keep your eyes open when you sneeze, so go ahead and share. Not everyone will agree with all you have to say, but your efforts at candor will open up a valuable dialogue.

LEO Knowing what to say and when to say it requires sensitivity as well as perspective. Your innately generous heart wants to say everything at once. Examine your motives and see if some things are best left in silence.

VIRGO You’re right; it is a financial problem, and it won’t disappear with a magic wand or a Lotto ticket. That being said, you have the desire, determination, and fortitude to find an answer that will satisfy all concerned participants.

LIBRA I know you feel as if there is no relationship relief in sight — and in certain cases you could be right. But if you can figure out how to disengage from your position and go to a neutral internal setting, you’ll diffuse a large part of the difficulty.

SCORPIO It won’t be easy keeping your inner monologue to yourself, so be forewarned: You’re at risk for blurting more information than is necessary with a far more vitriolic tone than is appropriate. If you want to keep things running smoothly, hold your tongue.

SAGITTARIUS Follow the advice of the Taoist sages and take no unnecessary action. For while it is obvious that some of the participants need direction, you might be tempted to push too hard, which would deliver a lopsided result that wouldn’t benefit anyone.

CAPRICORN It’s incumbent upon you to take the lead, but there’s a problem: You’re not exactly sure you know where you want to go. Don’t succumb to the pressure, internal or external, to make immediate decisions. Take your time and you’ll find your way.

AQUARIUS Your task, should you accept it, is to combine a cool head with an authentic desire to be of service. Be clear about your motivation, and that clarity will act like a healing balm when applied to almost every situation.

PISCES The surprise in all this madness is your ability to diffuse the tension as quickly as it flares up, which means much as you are tempted to jump into the thick of it, you don’t. And that speaks volumes about your character.


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