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Feb 9, 2022

Air Look: Airbrush artist Malcolm Stuart has designed for artists Nicki Minaj and Miley...

Happy Wednesday, my lovely ones! How was the week? Great fits, gorgeous art, good company? Fingers crossed. I have an all-of-the-above to share, in the form of Oakland-based airbrush-artist Malcolm Stuart. Malcolm’s airbrush art is found on pillows, in prints and—my favorite—in wearable form. He adorns shirts, hoodies and Dr. Martens...
Jun 17, 2020

Art of the Heal

Mar 13, 2019

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Sitting In The Evening Sun.
Jan 2, 2019

First Friday Guide – A Guide to Art Murmur

STAFF PICK & The Others Last year, a group of friends got together and founded & The Others, a community-based art collective centered around creative growth and meaning. The group consists of Bay Area visual artists and photographers, including...
Dec 4, 2018

First Friday Guide – A Guide to Art Murmur

Continuity By meticulously focusing a flame’s tip on a specific corner to add shadows and create an illusion of depth, Shannon Hood takes her artistic vision to the next level. Hood, who has been drawing and painting since...
Oct 2, 2018

First Friday Guide – October Edition

“Irrigation Blanket” by Christy Kovacs Credits: Photo courtesy of Vessel Gallery STAFF PICK Utopia: Forecasting Our Future Vessel Gallery’s current exhibit takes a look at environmental preservation as artists explore the idea of utopia. In partnership with the...
Sep 5, 2018

First Friday Guide – September Edition

STAFF PICK Being Seen Barbara Kyne’s work acts as a vehicle for introspective questions that the mainstream media often misses. Her previous exhibits, A Crack in the World and By Fire, delved into modern ecological circumstances like global...
Aug 1, 2018

First Friday Guide – August Edition

STAFF PICK Concrete Utopia With San Francisco as her muse, Michigan native and sculptor Courtney Sennish has found a way to give meaning to bits and pieces of the city. In her online exhibit, found objects, Sennish collected random...
May 2, 2018

First Friday Guide – May Edition

Staff Pick - Signify After showing Kierra Johnson’s work at Betti Ono’s recent seven-year anniversary exhibit, Black Women Over Breathing, Betti Ono founder Anyka Barber offered to host Johnson’s first solo exhibition. It’s not surprising — Johnson’s series...
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