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Feb 3, 2016

The Kinkification of the East Bay

For the uninitiated, the small gathering of fewer than a dozen people at the Albatross Pub in Berkeley last Thursday could have been a meeting for just about anything. But the conversation wasn't the kind that's typically dished between casual acquaintances over beers and pizza boxes. One of the...
Apr 15, 2015

Dear @nna: Is Sexting Cheating?

Solve an argument between my boyfriend and me. I think sexting is cheating unequivocally, and he thinks because no physical contact occurs, it doesn't really count. Who is right? Let's Talk About Sext Well, LTAS, can't you both be...
Apr 8, 2015

Why Are We Gender Policing Emojis?

What's up with guys who use emojis? I don't mind it when it's my thirteen-year-old nephew, but a man I'm dating? I don't know. Is there some kind of rule about this or am I being priggish? Picture...
Apr 1, 2015

How to Deal with Unresponsive Texters

Hello! I am a bi girl dating a new person (it's been about six weeks, but very casual). I like this person quite a lot, but she is, shall we say, not very good at responding to...
Mar 4, 2015

Getting Rid of an OkCupid Pen Pal

A quite pretty woman who lives in another country wrote to me on OkCupid a while back. She seemed VERY excited that I wrote back at all, even though I wrote back more out of courtesy than...
Feb 11, 2015

Revenge Porn: What to Do?

A friend of mine had a nasty breakup recently, and her ex has started threatening to make an album of her naked photos and sell them online. First of all, what the hell?! Is this even a...
Feb 4, 2015

Dear @nna: Is Cross-Posting on Social Media Annoying?

Dear @nna is an advice column for the digital age. Got a digital dilemma of your own? If you have a question involving technology, the internet, or online etiquette, shoot it to [email protected] with the subject “Dear...
Feb 13, 2013

Out of the Closet and Into the Boudoir

Imagine stripping down to your underwear and paying someone thousands of dollars to take photos of you. No, this isn't a reverse form of Playboy, but it's what many women are doing as an apparent means of...
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