.Ralfee Finn

Sep 5, 2012

Nervous Energy

Nervous systems quiver with intensity this week, as several celestial patterns up the ante on the already hectic pace of terrestrial life. Even if...
Aug 29, 2012

Endings and Beginnings

It's anything but a typical back-to-school, back-to-work, end-of-summer week — the planets are far too busy to be lolling about on the beach. We're...
Aug 22, 2012

Neptune Means Mystery

A hypersensitive astral air makes it difficult to establish and maintain an emotional equilibrium this week, and because skins are thin, reactions are likely...
Aug 15, 2012

Relinquish Control

This week, even the sharpest listeners among us might find it hard to hear the cosmic click over the din of terrestrial chatter. But...
Aug 8, 2012

Retrograde Recedes

Mercury Retrograde is finally over, and as it shifts out of rewind and gains forward momentum, many of us are likely to feel as...
Aug 1, 2012

Healing Time

The planets are busy this week, and daily life reflects that activity through a hectic pace that isn't likely to allow much time to...
Jul 25, 2012

Planetary Sparks

The astral air prickles with electricity this week, prompting emotional bodies to bristle with a full range of intense reactions. Expect to feel unsettled...
Jul 18, 2012


The heavens are hyperactive this week, and even though the planets aren't actually suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder, many of us are likely to...