May 11, 2022

The Apple Campus of Weed: PowerPlant Park creates jobs in Richmond

Sometimes this crazy cannibalistic cannabis industry, overrun by excise taxes, underwater in bottoming harvest pricing and awash with out of state investment, can still inspire with its potential for impact and social good. Such an example is sprouting up in Richmond, as if from the ground itself. The impressively conceived...
Apr 20, 2022

Growth Spurt: Family run CoCo Farms eyes California expansion

Brothers Andrew and Martin Wesley spent 25 years working in different startups in Silicon Valley prior to entering the cannabis industry. I spoke with Martin last Thursday, and he credits their experience in the startup industry as...
Apr 20, 2022

Weed Work: Oaksterdam University is still a driving force for equity in cannabis

During the last two years of Covid, as well as the tumultuous, oh let’s say four years, before that, there has been a great rethink in what is really worth doing with our time. Many of us...
Apr 13, 2022

Coast to Coast: Oakland, New York loves your weed

To see the impact of Oakland cannabis culture, look no further than NYC. That’s right, my first entry as I take over Oakland’s premier cannabis column is about New York City. Just last week, I was on holiday...
Mar 9, 2022

Same Same: The distinction between indica and sativa may sound good, but it’s total...

On its website, San Francisco-based Pax Labs, a pioneer of cannabis vaping products, has devoted a page to explaining the differences between the indica and sativa types of cannabis. Indicas, it says, “are typically relaxing and calming...
Mar 2, 2022

Lazy Potheads?: According to a new study, weed can be a great motivator

In 2010, I launched a cannabis blog for Slate’s business-news site, unfortunately called The Big Money. It was named after a 1936 novel by the then-socialist writer John Dos Passos, but nobody got the reference and the...
Feb 23, 2022

Sin Tax: Overtaxation is stifling the legal cannabis industry

In fighting for the passage of Proposition 64 in 2016, advocates of legal cannabis issued no warnings about how overtaxation could stifle the legal industry’s prospects. In fact, they did the precise opposite, telling voters and government...
Feb 16, 2022

An Odd Space: These Democrats oppose legalization

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer last week unveiled his timeline for debating a bill to legalize cannabis. His efforts, along with those of Democrat co-sponsors Sen. Cory Booker, of N.J., and Sen. Ron Wyden, of Ore., appear...
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