music in the park san jose

.Time Warp Attack: Zero Boys and Black Fork at 924 Gilman

music in the park san jose

While I am totally stoked about getting to see seminal ’80s punks the Zero Boys play – something I had deemed to be impossible in my lifetime – I have to stay skeptical about reunion shows ever since I saw the Rezillos completely embarrass themselves a couple of years back. Then again, the first Avengers reunion was one of the best Gilman shows I ever went to. Regardless, I can’t help but admit that I’m really excited about the return of the East Bay’s own Black Fork, which played its last Gilman show (and last show ever as far as I know) back in 1997, leaving the Gilman scene to be dominated by grindcore for the next ten years. The mere thought of seeing the last great Gilman punk band take the stage once again, kicking out their manic, hilarious brand of catchy punk (it’s not pop-punk, I swear) fills me with nostalgic memories of drinking by the creek, eating acid, and moshing like a maniac to one of the best live bands I have ever seen in my life. This time I think I’ll lay off the acid.

Zero Boys play with Black Fork, Broken Needle, Crucial Cause and A.D.T on February 20 at 924 Gilman Street. Doors at 7pm and it costs $10. If you don’t go to this show you are an idiot.


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