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Spreading the love at Glenn Becks Rally
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  • Spreading the love at Glenn Beck’s Rally

And what a week it’s been! After Glenn Beck’s MIllion-Fat-White-Christian-March in D.C., and news that mysterious schmucks torched and shot bullets at a mosque under construction in Tennessee, we get word that over the last two Sundays, someone has repeatedly shattered the windows of the Hayward office of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The Trib reports that this may be stupid kid stuff; on August 22, the day of the first incident, someone also randomly fired pellets through other storefront windows nearby. On the other hand, Hayward NAACP employees claim that they’ve also been getting angry phone calls “regarding everything from the Tea Party to gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana.” Still, if guys like the charmer in this pic can’t even spell Mauritania, how dangerous can they be?


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