.The Santa Clara Raiders?

The Santa Clara City Council voted 5-2 last night to go forward with a plan to bring the San Francisco 49ers to the South Bay, according to the Chron. Now, all that’s left is a vote of Santa Clara residents to make team’s move official. But the 49ers $937 million stadium proposal has one major problem: It’s a ton of money to spend on a facility that will only host ten football games a year. That’s why the 49ers want the Oakland Raiders to go in on the deal with them and move to Santa Clara, too. According to the Chron, Raiders CEO Amy Trask appears to be interested as well and has committed to looking at the option of sharing a football stadium with the Niners. But Trask told the paper that she would prefer that the two teams work together on a new stadium plan in Oakland. We agree with her, but is that likely?


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