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For the week of November 17-23, 2010.

A wide range of earthly activities mirrors a broad span of planetary interaction this week. When the planets are busy, daily life hums with the hustle and bustle of worldly pursuits. And because so much is happening at once, you can expect to feel as if the days aren’t quite long enough to do all you want to do and the nights are a little too short to get the sleep you crave and need. This is not the manic flow of “all or nothing.” Life is simply hectic. The best way to avoid getting overexcited is to find a comfortable personal pace that allows you to stay focused on what needs to be accomplished but also allows you to maintain your peace of mind.

Here’s the list of astral interactions:

(1) Both Venus and Jupiter end retrograde phases on Thursday. As Jupiter, retrograde since July 23, goes direct, you can expect to feel a rush of enthusiasm about plans and projects that might have been lying fallow for the last couple months. Jupiter will spend the next two months finishing its journey through Pisces, which began in January of this year. Notice if there is anything you put into motion around that time that still needs to be brought to completion.

(2) As Venus, retrograde since October 8, goes direct, many of us will be focusing our attention on love, beauty, and money. Some will channel this direct motion into self-care of every variety. Others will start to prepare for the holidays. A word of caution: Venus and Jupiter both stimulate spending. The good news is that they both also stimulate creativity. So rather than spend what you don’t have (actually, does anybody still do that?), focus on channeling the energies of these two positive forces into fresh ideas for seasonal festivities based on the spiritual and symbolic significance of the holidays rather than what has become the modern material meaning.

(3) The Mars/Mercury conjunction, in Sagittarius, continues to stimulate nervous systems. Just like last week, a sextile from Saturn dials down the anxiety just a tad, but not completely — especially when it comes to conversations and discussions about the future. While I adore Sagittarius, this loquacious sign is infamous for saying more than is needed, and when that tendency is channeled through a Mercury/Mars conjunction, which is already given to rash repartee, anything and everything is likely to be said. Think before you speak whenever possible.

(4) The Sun continues to square Neptune, causing moods to be deeply sensitive, a condition that might be true this time of year regardless of what the planets are doing, given the darkening days.

(5) But the good news continues to be a trine between the Sun and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. This combination feeds the need to break free from whatever enslaves and holds us hostage to stagnation. Translation: Expect a need for independence, personal and collective, to motivate a wide variety of choices.

Often, when life gets too busy, it can feel as if we are moving in a dream, able only to move from task to task and unable to feel an emotional connection to what’s occurring. So as the week unfolds, do your best to stay present. As always, include your fellow travelers in that awareness.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Stay focused on discovering creative alternatives to familiar and persistent problems. I’m not promising miracles, just progress.

TAURUS The key to your success is authenticity. No mask, no pretense, no settling. Know what you want, and articulate those desires directly and clearly.

GEMINI Honor the truth of your heart without hesitation and share your feelings with those you love. Not everyone will approve or agree, but validation isn’t the point. Being honest with yourself is.

CANCER Yes, the walls are tumbling down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a better, more durable structure that’s capable of providing reliable safety and security for yourself and those you love.

LEO The only thing inhibiting your forward progress is that tendency to fret over what you can’t control. Give up the notion that you can control anything, and instead devote yourself to the process.

VIRGO Even if you could indulge your desire to “hermitize,” you wouldn’t be completely successful — someone would find you. Open gladly to the idea of company, and you’ll find a way to satisfy your need for quiet.

LIBRA Shower the people you love with love, and your efforts to make peace will yield positive results. This isn’t about giving up or surrendering territory; it’s about remembering what’s important.

SCORPIO Consider this: What you’re clinging to with all your strength might be what you most need to release. Old patterns are comfortable, but they can also be inhibiting. Making room for what’s new could be liberating.

SAGITTARIUS If you can’t figure it out on your own, seek the advice of a reliable counselor. Listen closely to what’s said, and allow those words to inspire a solution.

CAPRICORN Do not let financial concerns keep you from enjoying the moment. Rely on your natural caution and you won’t spend more than you can comfortably afford.

AQUARIUS You are an emotional barometer: Instead of measuring altitude, you’re measuring attitude. Trust your intuition, and your predictions will be accurate — at least as accurate as the Weather Channel.

PISCES Even if you wind up somewhere you never planned on going, relax and enjoy the ride. Resisting this flow will only make you cranky. Volunteering to ride it will make you resilient as well as brilliant.


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