Readers Say the Darndest Things: Arts and Culture

Best Annual Event
Athletics Opening Day!
Tailgating, beer, baseball, friends, family, OAKLAND! — Justin Carter

Burning Man
Because the streets of the East Bay are empty. — Jeff Greenwald

Hiero Day
duh — Emily Sarlatte

Session Fest
I can drink beer all day without ending up in a gutter. — Travis Camacho

Late Spring/Early Summer at the lake
unauthorized BBQs, unauthorized car shows, clean sneakers, baby geese…what else do you need? — selelele

Northern California Pirate Festival
Arrr! — Danielle G

Burger Boogaloo
Two full days of superb music. The burgers, eh… — Tim Teichgraeber

Solano Stroll
A street festival on steroids during the best weather of the year. — Mike Cabanatuan

Tourettes without regrets XXX show
It’s an all out freedom fest of freaky art and love — camille

This survey!

— Desirée Rose

Best Art Gallery
Betti Ono
This gallery always has the dopest shows and the most engaging community events. It’s a gallery that truly represents the diversity of the Bay Area. — N’jeri

Best Artist
Caitlin Hackett
Creepy but very cool — Travis Camacho

Ernest Doty
The man Can’t Be Stopped — Kyle Ohlin

world known graffiti artist out of the bay who just keeps going. — lil’ a

street art savvy with a bit of heady politics — spacechicklet

Jessica Petrie
She Loves Cats — Matthew Bartels

Jody Colley
She makes building a sustainable community an artform. Take THAT Banksy! — Jennifer Cogley

Kool AD
He is great at everything — Will Bundy

Slimm Buick
Art bikes rule and he’s the OG! Just ask all those crazy kids at Bike Party. Or check the cover of the Express Summer Guide! — Justine TenZeldam

Best Band
Oakland doom metal goodness — Reggie Potter

digital underground
forever — Jill Hertzler

Emily’s Army
Come’on … they look like they’re 16, but have the stage presence of the Stones! — Michael Altfest

Go Van Gogh
Playing 2 saxophones? Crazy! — Jessica

Because Kathleen will slaughter me, and Brian will cry. — ///C

The Uptones
Ska isn’t dead. — Moose Muse

Best DJ Night At a Club
DJ Miggy Stardust
for his awareness of the local problem of Single’s Plight, and everything he does to solve it. — Pilar Reyes

Russell Quan
It’s just fun watching him dance around. — Tim Teichgraeber

Best Local Author
Ayelet Waldman
us “bad mothers” got to stick together — Juanita Carroll Young

Mary Roach
Her books make science engaging for even the least interested readers — Jessica

Maya Angelou
Need you ask? — Kathleen O’Connor

Michael Pollan
He’s changed my perspective on food… and life! — Lmorland

Luke Tsai
the very best — Desirée Rose

Best Museum
Oakland Museum of California
I’d love to know if there are others — orlan

Best Music Venue
Stork Club
dirty and good — Joshua

you can sit down — leana alba

Best Music Festival
Eastlake Music Festival
This is why I live in Oakland — Jessica

Best New Arts Venue
Studio Grand
Super sweet small intimate space where very cool eclectic and international music appears — Darci Andresen

The Uptown
I know that it’s not new…but I really love the uptown. — kevin holmes

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