Past or Present?

For the week of March 28-April 3, 2012.

Past, present, and future merge in frequent déjà vu this week — so frequent, in fact, that you’re sure to feel as if you’ve been “here” as well as “there” before. And chances are you have — just not in this dimension. Pay attention: It’s hard to know where memory, imagination, and prognostication meet this week. The planets are moving along diverse pathways, and while some of the planetary interactions display their power directly, others are subtle with nuance. Riding these different currents will require skill. Some of us are likely to feel as if history is repeating itself — and it is. Others could lose their balance, as routine reality morphs into the Dreamtime, causing psychological or emotional vertigo and dislocation. But for most of us, the challenge lies in figuring out how to hold onto a strong sense of personal direction as we simultaneously find the heart to be patient with our fellow travelers and with ourselves.

The dual Mercury and Mars Retrogrades are at the core of this dimensional convergence. Mercury ends its retrograde on April 4, and oddly, it goes direct exactly at the degree that Mars began its retrograde on January 23. This shared position is likely to have many of us revisiting events related to that specific time, particularly when it comes to travel, communication, contracts, and negotiations — all categories within Mercury’s vast domain. Don’t be surprised if you receive emails, text messages, or even packages sent to you or by you long before Mercury began its retrograde on March 12.

As Mercury starts to slow down this week in preparation for its “turn-around,” daily life is certain to slow to a crawl. And while that’s “normal” for the end of any Mercury Retrograde, this particular course correction could feel even more frustrating, because Mars is also slowing down in preparation for its turn-around on April 14. (Technically, it’s April 13, but so late in the day, it might as well be the next day. All of the sticklers about details please forgive my latitude.) By next week we will start to feel the undertow of Mars finally ending its review.

But Mars still plays a distinctive role in creating the multidimensional currents of the week: It opposes Neptune, in Pisces, an interaction that tends toward hypersensitivity. Be prepared to feel out of sorts, and anticipate a strong desire to self-medicate. This opposition has the potential to open up psychic channels, but that potential also carries the possibility of getting lost in assumptions, imaginary or actual.

It’s yet another week of learning to live comfortably in uncertainty, but don’t be surprised if it’s an opportunity you’d rather not take advantage of. Not only are we dealing with flashbacks and/or flash-forwards, we are also dealing with power issues, as the ongoing Sun/Pluto square turns exact and separating on March 29. Be prepared for everyone to want to be in control of everything. Also anticipate politics turning even more vitriolic — if that’s possible. The best way through these waves is to find your center of gravity and to hold on to it. So do whatever it is you do to stay centered, and then help those around you to do the same.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Take a deep breath, exhale just as deeply, and contemplate your next step. You’re not required to make any decisions. All you need to do is listen closely to your heart, and follow its lead.

TAURUS Just continue to allow yourself the luxury of living in your imagination. Don’t worry about the practicalities. Your innate pragmatism will take care of those eventualities when they occur.

GEMINI It’s not an easy call, but if you stay anchored in gathering information, you will collect the necessary data to make a wise decision. Take your time, and refuse to be pressured into an emotional response.

CANCER Try not to let harsh words turn into full-blown accusations. Of course you have a right to your opinion, and so do others. Rather than shut down, open up.

LEO It’s only a money crisis if you make it one — so be clear about your priorities, and plan accordingly. Remember: No one’s true value is ever measured in dollars and cents.

VIRGO Be clear with your partners about what you need, and listen carefully to the response. Don’t be fooled by or satisfied with compliance, and you’ll engender genuine compromise.

LIBRA Brood if you must, but don’t get caught by the Brain Worm, that famous mental parasite that steals all your joy as it compulsively chews on the same information. Instead, learn to let go.

SCORPIO The solution is there, but you’ll only find it if you’re willing to embrace a new perspective. Let go of the need to control the outcome, and you’ll create the space for innovation.

SAGITTARIUS You’re still in a wildly creative phase, and this week there are opportunities to apply your vision to all sorts of plans and projects. Don’t hold back and you won’t be disappointed.

CAPRICORN Issues of security continue to rumble deep within, and while you’re not used to these inner quakes, you are used to handling difficult situations. Rather than worry about survival, move into positive action.

AQUARIUS Continue to hold steady to your creative vision and you’ll be immune to the opinions of others who are less informed about the situation. This isn’t about being smug; it’s about having a truly confident heart.

PISCES It’s likely you’ve been experiencing profound shifts in consciousness. While some of them may feel like the culmination of hard work, others may feel like unexpected gifts.

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