.Oakland’s “Weed Wars” Is Popping Off On The Discovery Channel

Chalk it up to the slow news season coinciding with the holidays, plus a juicy federal crackdown, but “Weed Wars” has straight popped off.

The reality series filmed at Harborside Health Center debuted to a ton of mostly positive press on December 1. Episode two runs this Thursday. This week, the IRS sends over a $2.5 million tax bill for “drug trafficking.” (Part Two of a four-part series. Check your local listings.) Now, let’s look at the reviews:

The New York Times‘ Mike Hale sounded kinda jealous of the rights afforded to Oaklanders: “Anyone who has ever bought pot in a cloudy baggie or a wad of tinfoil while someone flushes in the next stall will be impressed by the modern face of marijuana retailing as portrayed in the new Discovery Channel program “Weed Wars.” … Pine Tar Kush (19.7 percent THC!)”.

More reactions after the jump.


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