Oakland School Bullies Bash in Skulls While Officials Push Paper Around

An Oakland parent is threatening legal action after his 7-year-old child was repeatedly beaten and abused while, he claims, school officials did nothing to stop it. According to the Chronicle, fifth-grade kids subjected first-grader Zachary Cataldo to a terrible series of playground abuse; the kids knocked out four of his teeth, kicked him in the stomach, and ultimately threw him against a tree and left him with a brutal concussion and a fractured skull. As the incidents continued, Zachary’s father Anthony claims, he repeatedly asked officials at Piedmont Avenue Elementary to do something about it, but they just shined him on. Well, they’re listening now that he’s got himself a lawyer. Even as Piedmont has racked up the second-most suspensions for violence of any elementary school in Oakland, officials do not supervise children who linger around campus immediately before or after school. “We are very, very clear with parents that they need to make arrangements for their children,” district official Denise Saddler told the Chron. After all, if a student gets his face plastered fifteen minutes after the last bell rings, it’s the parents’ fault, of course.

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