.D. Scot Miller named Managing Editor of the East Bay Express

Since its acquisition by Weeklys, one voice has remained consistent throughout the hurly-burly of incorporating the East Bay Express into our family of alternative newsweeklies (which, not insignificantly, happened to occur in the midst of a global pandemic). That voice belongs to D. Scot Miller, who we are proud to officially introduce to our readers as the new Managing Editor of the East Bay Express.

Miller is not an unknown quantity to our readers- he began his storied career at EBX as an advertising executive in 2004 and contributed his first feature article for EBX the following year when he profiled local civic pride apparel brand Oaklandish. 

Miller’s piece set the tone for much of what has been written since and underscores his consistent commitment to the communities of the East Bay as a true advocate for voices that deserve and demand to be amplified. Additionally, Miller is the first Black Managing Editor of the East Bay Express since the paper was founded in 1978, which, incidentally, is the same year Oakland elected its first Black mayor, Lionel Wilson – 43 years ago.

Miller, holds a degree in English composition with a minor in journalism from West Virginia State University. On top of working tirelessly as the paper’s Arts Editor, Miller is also a columnist-in-residence for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, an advisory board member of Nocturnes Journal of Literary Arts, and a regular contributor to several websites and magazines hither and yon. 12 years ago, Miller introduced the world to The Afrosurreal Manifesto in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, a seminal document that launched the Afrosurreal Arts Movement, which continues to thrive and has been cited in numerous books and scholarly journals. As he wrote in his preface to the Afro-Surrealist manifesto, “We want to feel something! We want to weep on record.”

That is precisely what he accomplished with his piece, reported with Steven Tavares, “Dark Night of the Stole,” which spotlighted the unusual activities at a May Oakland 2020 protest in the wake of George Floyd’s murder by Derek Chauvin. Their reporting won the prestigious California Journalism Awards honor for “Coverage of Protests and Racial Justice-News or Feature Team Reporting” announced by the California News Publishers Association this May. 

Considered the state’s leading journalism accolades, the judges observed, the work evinced “Very strong narrative writing and sophisticated analysis of events that went far beyond a simple recounting of the unrest to delve into what and who was behind it.”

The readers of the East Bay Express are in good hands with Miller as the paper’s Managing Editor.

“My vision for the future EBX is to continue to reflect thoughts, opinions, concerns, and history of the real people of the East Bay,” says Miller. “We will continue providing award-winning alternative news and creative content as the paper has done since its inception in 1978.”

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