Most Revolutionarily Nice Service at a Megachain

Bed Bath & Beyond

Let’s say, completely hypothetically speaking, that you buy a blender from Bed Bath & Beyond. You buy the crappiest, least expensive one, because you’re a cheap and irresponsible person. Then let’s say that during the (hypothetical) ill-fated Margarita Project of September 2011, your well-meaning but ultimately already very margarita-ed roommate thinks it’s a good idea to stick a knife in there while the blades are moving in order to dislodge a particularly pesky piece of ice, causing the entire thing to make an awful kind of moaning noise and stop working. Then, hypothetically, you go in to explain what happened and buy a new one, and they give you a completely new blender, no questions asked and free of charge, as an apparent matter of company policy, despite the fact that this was manifestly your fault. Better yet, they treat everyone like this, all the time — with zero judgment or condescension, never pushily but always helpful. Obviously, your only way to repay them for this above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty act of kindness then would be to sing their praises in your newspaper’s annual Best Of edition. Hypothetically.


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