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True story. The anxious boyfriend, trying to impress his shutterbug girlfriend, asked her what she wanted Santa Claus to bring her for Christmas. “Name it,” he said. “It’s yours.” A diamond ring? A leather skirt? Season tickets to the opera? Instead, the girlfriend clutched her chest and responded in a dreamy voice, “A Holga with a Polaroid back.” Hmmm, he thought. This would take some investigation. And heaven forbid that it would mean some time spent in the presence of snippy photo nerds who delight — sigh — in talking down to the camera-challenged population. Luckily, the fine people at Looking Glass helped the boyfriend as gently as if he were a blind man in a fine china shop. First, they explained what a Holga is (a cheapie plastic camera known for taking totally cool David Lynchian images, which happens to be attachable to a sleek version of a Polaroid camera, so you can check out your “art” ASAP). Awesome, he thought. “Now,” asked the helpful rep, “would she like the filters that come in blue, red, or green?” The boyfriend, who was by now thoroughly inspired, yelled out, “All of ’em!”

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Looking Glass Camera & Photo Supply

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