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.Moe’s Books Joins IWW

music in the park san jose

Workers and management voluntarily recognize the Union

 The workers of Moe’s Books announced that they have recently organized, with almost unanimous support, and joined the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). As of March 9, they have been recognized by the owner of Moe’s Books, Doris Moskowitz, and are looking to the community for support as they begin the process of negotiating their contract. Their key demands include job security and more control over COVID-19 safety protocols. 

The workers of Moe’s came to this decision primarily due to concerns about health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. The most immediate goal of the Moe’s Books union will be to get fair and equal input on the formation and enforcement of safety protocols, without fear of dismissal or retaliation. 

The reputation of Moe’s Books as a bastion of radical bookselling since 1959 has always been tied to the devotion and love of its workers, and they are unionizing with the view of keeping Moe’s a place where workers are respected and treated well. 

The best way for you to support the Moe’s Books union right now is to buy a book, and spread the word. 

Moe’s Books Workers are a coalition of booksellers, buyers, and everything in between. Some of them have worked at the historic bookselling institution for decades, some for just a few months; but they are all committed to maintaining Moe’s as a space for radical bookselling.

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