.Love Horoscope: Best Astrology Readings for Romance 2024

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The Beatles sang, “All You Need is Love,” which may be true, but how do you find the love that’s right for you?

When it comes to matters of the heart, many people today are getting their love horoscope done by a professional astrologer online, especially through sites like Purple Garden

It’s quick, accurate, and whether you’re single, in a relationship, or married, a love horoscope can help you to both find your heart’s desire and keep it healthy over time. 

In this article, we featured the best love horoscope sites out there, so you can pick which one is fit for you.

Best Sites for Love Horoscope in 2024

  1. Purple Garden—Overall best love horoscopes
  2. Keen—Best mobile app for love horoscopes
  3. Kasamba—Most experienced love psychics
  4. California Psychics—Best love horoscope for couples
  5. Sanctuary Psychic Reading—#1 love horoscope via chat
  6. Psychic Source—More than 30 years doing love horoscopes
  7. AskNow—Best single love horoscope today
  8. Mysticsense—Top LGBTQ love horoscope

If you’d like to know what Cupid has in store for you, we have the top sites where you can find the most accurate love horoscopes online. 

After all, finding that perfect address on Love Street doesn’t have to be a matter of luck when you can turn the planets into your very own private, celestial GPS.

Just have your birth time, date, and place ready, and let a professional daily love horoscope do the rest. 

1. Purple Garden—Overall Best Love Horoscopes

Purple Garden


  • $10 Matching Credit for new customers
  • Prices start at $0.99 per minute
  • 80+ love horoscope experts
  • Bilingual English/Spanish platform
  • Free recordings for online voice readings 


  • Online chat, voice, and video readings are priced differently

Why Purple Garden Stands Out

According to its customers, Purple Garden gives the most accurate readings online, which is certainly good to know when you’re asking about something as important as love.

How to Get a Love Horoscope on Purple Garden

If you’re looking for an astrologer to enlighten you about what the heavens have to say about your love life, the 80+ astrologers on Purple Garden are easy to sort through. The search filter lets you browse for the format, number of reviews, and even the price point you want, so you’ll always get the most accurate and affordable horoscope your budget allows.

Key Features

All readings on Purple Garden start at only $0.99 per minute, plus every new customer gets a $10 matching credit with their first reading. All horoscope readings are also available via chat, voice, and video call, plus every reader’s profile includes both good and bad reviews so you know exactly what you’re getting.

User Reviews 

Intrigued by the buzz around daily love horoscopes, a close-knit group of friends shared on r/tarot that they decided to explore the mystical realm of Purple Garden. The service wasn’t free, but an enticing introductory offer granted them a taste—a few precious minutes to glimpse into their cosmic destinies.

The verdict? They were genuinely impressed. The readings didn’t mince words; they cut straight to the heart. No vague prophecies or generic platitudes. Instead, precise insights flowed—a roadmap for love, etched in celestial ink.

Our Take

With more than 80 top horoscope professionals to choose from, Purple Garden is our #1 pick for the overall best love horoscope reading online. Add affordable prices, new customer discounts, transparent customer reviews, multiple formats, and a bilingual psychic platform, and your view of the stars will always be clear at Purple Garden.

>>Get $10 credit for a love horoscope at Purple Garden

2. Keen—Best Mobile App for Love Horoscopes



  • Free daily horoscopes for all signs
  • Western, Chinese, Vedic, and Mayan Astro readings
  • 5 minutes for $1
  • 30+ Astrologers available


  • Satisfaction guarantee doesn’t apply to promotions

Why Keen Stands Out

Keen is the largest online psychic site with more than 1,700 of the best psychics online available, including 30+ love horoscope experts giving Western, Chinese, Vedic, and Mayan astrological readings. They also have one of the most highly rated mobile apps so you can always get the latest on the planet wherever you are 24/7. 

How to Get a Love Horoscope on Keen

Besides paid sessions with their expert international astrologers, Keen also has free love horoscopes and compatibility reports for every sign. Learn what signs you match up best with for friendship, relationships, and more.

Key Features

You never know when you might run into someone special, but if you do, Keen’s dependable mobile app will allow you to check in with an astrologer or a horoscope report 24/7. It’s available for free download from the Apple store and Google Play, and gives you access to all Keen’s features, including astrologer call backs.

User Reviews

Keen’s sessions struck a chord, with psychics nailing the daily love horoscope accuracy. Yet, one user reported on r/psychic subreddit that they felt swamped when psychics zeroed in on their love woes without pause for breath. A sharp end due to a low balance left questions hanging, unexplored.

In contrast, another psychic the next day offered a fresh take. With a keen sense for unvoiced troubles and a patient ear, they delivered clear, swift answers, ensuring love horoscopes were thoroughly understood—no rush, no fuss. 

Our Take

Whether you need a live astrologer, or want to check your daily love horoscope, Keen gives you around the clock mobile access. That way you’ll always know where Venus and Mars are and when they’ll be hooking up.

Plus you also get the first 5 minutes of your first reading for only $1.

>>Get 5 minutes for $1 at Keen

3. Kasamba—Most Experienced Love Psychics



  • Best Match Guarantee
  • $20 bonus for a $10 deposit + 3 free minutes
  • 110+ astrologers available
  • Satisfaction guarantee up to $50
  • 5 free love horoscopes available


  • Email readings take 24 hours

Why Kasamba Stands Out

Besides having the most experienced love astrologers online and a full menu of free horoscopes, Kasamba also gives you the most introductory free minutes of any psychic site

How to Get a Love Horoscope on Kasamba

Kasamba is the perfect site to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to love horoscopes. It starts with free daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly forecasts in their articles section, and continues with a Best Match Guarantee and discounts off your first phone reading with a live astrologer. 

Key Feature

With more than 110 live astrologers available to schedule readings with, plus a horoscope page in the articles section that features 5 different free horoscopes, Kasamba is a stargazer’s paradise. Add 3 free chat minutes with as many as 3 different astrologers and 3 minutes free with your first phone reading, and that’s a lot of astrological advice for even the slimmest budget. 

User Reviews

There are not many user reviews about Kasamba, but a general vibe from the internet seems to hint that while the readings may be a bit vague, it’s still a service worth a test try.

Our Take

Love Horoscope Astrology can be expensive online, but Kasamba gives you a $20 bonus for a $10 deposit + 3 free minutes. After that, there are daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly free horoscope forecasts to keep you intimately connected 24/7.

>>Get 3 free minutes at Kasamba 

4. California Psychics—Best Love Horoscope for Couples

California Psychics


  • 28+ years of experience
  • The best screened horoscope experts
  • $1 per minute packages
  • Chat and phone readings
  • Karma Rewards program


  • No video option

Why California Psychics Stands Out

When it comes to love, California Psychics motto of “discover the joy of certainty” should provide all the confidence you need regarding their 28+ years of love advice.

With highly screened and accurate astrologers, free love horoscopes, a compatibility guide, and a free birth chart calculator, the stars are literally at your fingertips on California Psychics. 

How to Get a Love Horoscope on California Psychics

California Psychics has a multi-faceted, user-friendly search engine for their 110 love astrologers, so it’s easy to find everything from new love to couples counseling. There’s also a full menu of free horoscope options so you can research and build on the wisdom and healing gained from your live session.

Key Features

Every new customer at California Psychics is automatically eligible for one of three 20-minute deals starting at just $1 per minute. There are also great discounts for repeat customers too with ongoing promos and a Karma Rewards Program that awards savings based on your purchases. 

User Reviews

Users shared mixed reviews on thepsychicreviews forum about the psychic service. 

  • Jacqueline, described as a very nice woman with a sweet voice, made predictions that partially came true, with a new acquaintance and an ex’s renewed interest, but the promised stability in love life and academic mentorship didn’t materialize. 
  • Tisha, on the other hand, seemed to lack connection, providing inaccurate readings about an ex and a potential move. 
  • Robin was praised for her compassion and good advice, yet her predictions about new relationships and moving homes also fell short, despite a powerful personal month as foretold. 

Overall, the experiences suggest a blend of hits and misses.

Our Take

If you’re looking for a couples love horoscope to help improve your relationship, California Psychics has both live astrologers and accurate free horoscopes to get you through.

Plus, with discounts for both new and repeat customers, they’re a site that could definitely end up being a third wheel you can depend on.

>>Get $1 per minute at California Psychics

5. Sanctuary Psychic Reading—#1 Love Horoscope via Chat



  • #1 for online chat readings
  • Free daily horoscope and tarot card features
  • First 5 minutes for $4.99
  • 30+ online astrologers
  • 30 day reading credits


  • Only chat readings available 

Why Sanctuary Psychic Reading Stands Out

If you’d like to talk with the top chat astrologers 24/7 on your smartphone, then Sanctuary Psychics is for you. It’s based on a free to download app from either the Apple Store or Google Play that gives you the option of live astrology readings along with free daily horoscopes and automated tarot. 

How to Get a Love Horoscope on Sanctuary Psychic Reading

Signing up is easy using your email, Facebook, or Apple account. Once you do, the App Basics feature in the FAQ section will show you how to navigate the app to find the best Sanctuary Love Astrologer and horoscope features for your needs. 

Key Features

Besides having the best astrology chat psychics, the Sanctuary app also offers other free features like daily and monthly horoscopes, daily transits, moon cycles, and a free birth chart.

Plus, every new customer is eligible to get the first 5 minutes of their initial reading for only $4.99. 

User Reviews

We couldn’t find much about actual customer reviews on Sanctuary, but we do know users enjoy daily and monthly horoscopes, a detailed planetary profile, and daily AI tarot card readings, adding value and enjoyment to their experience with a touch of intrigue.

Our Take

If you prefer the anonymity and reviewing capability of online chat, then Sanctuary has the top astrology chat psychics to give you insightful astrology readings 24/7. There are also multiple free horoscopes features in the app including a free birth chart.

>>Get $1 per minute at Sanctuary Psychics 

6. Psychic Source—More Than 30 Years Doing Love Horoscopes

Psychic Source


  • $1 per minute readings for new customers
  • 3 minutes free
  • “Find a Psychic” filter
  • 70+ astrologers available
  • Free astrology guide and horoscopes


  • Free minutes only for new customers 

Why Psychic Source Stands Out

The oldest site in this review, Psychic Source has been online for more than 30 years providing accurate love horoscopes and live astrology readings.

Plus, they also offer the most $1 per minute reading deals of any online psychic site, as well as the first 3 minutes of your initial reading free. 

How to Get a Love Horoscope on Psychic Source

With more than 70 professional astrologers available, free daily horoscopes for every sign, and a free guide explaining all the basics of astrology, Psychic Source is like a free astrology library online.

Covering every sign from Aries to Pisces, the planets, elements, houses, and more, Psychic Source is the perfect place to get your love horoscope done and learn the basics of astrology. 

Key Features

Besides their reading discounts, Psychic Source also provides a satisfaction guarantee for up to 20-minutes of time if you’re dissatisfied with your reading. There’s also a Sharing Kindness program that will donate 1 percent of your monthly purchases to a selected charity of your choice. 

User Reviews

We browsed a few Trustpilot reviews and summed what real customers think about Psychic Source for daily love horoscope readings. Generally, clients find psychics intuitive and supportive, offering insightful guidance. 

Amber, in particular, is noted for her compassion. However, high rates raise concerns, suggesting services cater to the wealthy, with alternatives like PathForward for the budget-conscious. Miscommunications regarding pricing and advisor availability mar the experience, despite the positive interactions.

Our Take

When it comes to experience, new customer deals, quality readings, and accurate love horoscopes, Psychic Source is like the Saturn of online psychic sites. You can count on them for stability, dependability, and setting a standard for excellence.

>>Get 3 minutes free at Psychic Source

7. AskNow—Best Single Love Horoscope Today



  • $1 per minute offers
  • Free daily horoscopes via email
  • More than 17 years online
  • 5 free master minutes
  • 1 free email question with a live psychic 


  • Satisfaction guarantee only refunds 5 minutes

Why AskNow Stands Out

Even though AskNow has only 10 full time astrologers, their combined experience totals more than 235 years. That means you’ll be getting a masterful view of whatever the stars have to say about where you love life is going and who you’ll be going with. 

How to Get a Love Horoscope on AskNow

If you want to experience love horoscope astrology live, AskNow’s efficient search filter can pull up their 10 ace astrologers in no time. For free daily horoscopes via email, or a full menu of astrology and numerology articles, simply click on the horoscopes section in the main menu. 

Key Features

AskNow offers new customers a choice between either a 30 or 40-minute $1 per minute session along with an additional 5 free minutes with a master reader.

That’s 45 minutes at less than $1 per. Plus, you’ll also have free access to the astrology articles section and daily free horoscopes.

User Reviews

Trustpilot reviews of AskNow reveal a spectrum of experiences. Some report outlandish predictions that failed to occur, while others praise legitimate psychics like Melissa for authentic readings. Skeptics turned believers highlight Devin Starlight’s accurate insights. 

Yet, there’s advice for clearer communication on service redemption and ethical practices, with a caution about high costs and a nod to Jozette’s memorable consultations.

Our Take

Sometimes questions about finding new love can get complicated and take time to answer. That won’t be a problem on AskNow, where you’ll get up to 45 minutes for less than $1 per minute. It’s not quite the moon and the stars, but it’s enough to be grateful for.

>>Get 5 free minutes at AskNow

8. Mysticsense—Top LGBTQ Love Horoscope

Mystic Sense


  • Best LGBTQ love horoscopes
  • 5 minutes free
  • 590+ online astrologers
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free daily love horoscope via email 


  • Not all advisors do all available formats 

Why Mysticsense Stands Out

Mysticsense is the only site we’ve covered with a dedicated section devoted to LGBTQ psychic questions and horoscopes. They’re also the youngest site we’re reviewing, though with more than 850 active readers, multiple formats, free horoscopes and more, they do seem much older. 

How to Get a Love Horoscope on Mysticsense

For a free daily love horoscope via email, simply click on the menu heading “Horoscopes” and follow the prompts. If you identify as non-binary, there’s a third subscription option besides the usual male-female choices. To find a live astrologer, simply engage with the sites easy-to-use search filter and choose astrology in the tools section.

Key Features

With normal prices starting at just over $1 per minute, Mysticsense is an affordable way to get a love horoscope reading from a top professional astrologer. Plus, you’ll also get 5 free minutes with your first session, along with a satisfaction guarantee for up to 10 minutes of time if you’re unhappy with your reading.

User Reviews

MysticSense is favored on Trustpilot for their psychic review features and introductory videos. Joining the Mysticsense team has been a positive, professional experience for one user. However, another warns of a misleading ‘first 5 minutes free’ offer, which actually uses pre-uploaded credit, suggesting a lack of transparency and recommending against the service.

Our Take

If you’re LGBTQ and looking for a love horoscope 2024 for singles like yourself, then Mysticsense is for you. With more than 500 live astrologers sensitive to your special concerns, plus free email horoscopes, your place in the stars is assured, even if planet Earth is still trying to catch up.

>>Get 5 free minutes on Mysticsense

What Are Love Horoscopes?

Astrology zeroes in on love and relationships through love horoscopes. 

Tailored to your zodiac sign, these readings offer predictions and insights, guiding you in matters of the heart. Daily love horoscope advice touches on sign compatibility, potential hurdles, and chances for growth within your relationships.

Astrologers craft love horoscopes by studying Venus, Mars, and the moon’s positions in your birth chart. Venus shapes our love language and pleasure, Mars fuels our desires, and the moon mirrors our emotional blueprint. This analysis helps astrologers steer you through the seas of love.

Take a Taurus love horoscope, for instance; a daily love horoscope might forecast a smooth sailing romance, thanks to Venus. Or, it could caution an Aries about choppy waters ahead during Mars’s backspin.

Remember, while love horoscopes entertain and enlighten, they’re not scientific. Their accuracy isn’t scientifically proven. Yet, they offer a playful mirror to ponder your love life. 

Curious? Check out accurate love horoscopes online, offering daily, weekly, or monthly insights just for you. 

Elements of a Love Horoscope

The elements of a love horoscope are the Sun signs, the Moon signs, Venus, Mars, and Ascendant signs. 

Sun Signs

Your sun sign represents where the sun was in the heavens on the day you were born. For example, if you were born on May 1 the position of the Sun would be 11 degrees Taurus. Astrologers believe that the qualities of your sun sign represent your overall personality.

Moon Signs

The sign the moon is in when you are born symbolizes what your emotional style will be. Someone with their Moon in its ruling sign of Cancer will likely be sensitive and nurturing, while a person with a Libra Moon will probably be more detached and fairer.

Venus Signs

Venus is the planet of love, so the sign she is in will signify the way you love. An individual with Venus in Leo will need to be openly appreciated, while a Venus in Scorpio position will be someone more intense, secretive, and passionate.

Mars Signs

Mars represents your physical nature and sex drive. A Mars in Aries person will be direct, adventurous, and seek constant stimulation. Likewise, a Mars in Capricorn person will be motivated to find a long-term commitment that supports their overall goals and ambitions.

Ascendant Signs

The ascendant is the sign that was coming up over the horizon at the time of your birth. Your ascendant sign represents how the world sees you and how your personality comes across. A Pisces ascendant often exhibits a soft and alluring air, while a Virgo ascendent will often be someone who appears very neat and well put together.

Importance of Compatibility in Love Horoscopes

Analyzing the planetary alignments between the birth charts of two individuals can often help to determine whether or not a relationship will work out.

For example, individuals with the Sun and Moon in a good aspect will usually get along. Likewise, those with a harmonious Venus/Mars alignment are often compatible either creatively or sexually.

On the other hand, incompatible aspects between individuals in a love horoscope can sometimes result in a very passionate, yet very short-lived connection. An example of this might be a Venus and Uranus or Venus and Pluto square.

>>Get $10 credit for a love horoscope at Purple Garden

Understanding Love Horoscopes

If you’re new to horoscopes or horoscopes in general, you must feel like an alien with all the different words and phrases used in a reading. To help you out, these are some of the everyday terms and phrases you will encounter.

Zodiac Signs and Traits

Each of the 12 zodiac signs are symbolized by a specific totem image that generally explains the character of each sign.

  • Aries is the Ram who is forthright, self-oriented, and adventurous.
  • Taurus is the Bull and exhibits tendencies of strength, stability, and sensuousness.
  • Gemini is the Twins and often exhibits a curious, open-minded, and quixotic nature.
  • Cancer is the Crab and is usually private, sensitive, creative, and intuitive.
  • Leo is the Lion and will often have both a strong appearance and character.
  • Virgo is the Virgin and is usually a well-organized, detail oriented, and sharp individual.
  • Libra is symbolized by the scales and is often diplomatic, intelligent, and attractive.
  • Scorpio is the Scorpion and can often be secretive, creative, and sometimes forceful.
  • Sagittarius is the Centaur/Bowman who is adventurous, innovative, and eccentric.
  • Capricorn is the Mountain Goat who is determined, accomplished, and hard working.
  • Aquarius is the Water Bearer and can often be either quite rebellious or very status quo.
  • Pisces is the Fishes and is often unique, sensitive, creative, and quite psychic.

While Zodiac signs indicate a person’s general personality, they’re only a piece of the puzzle along with planetary positions and aspects in determining overall romantic compatibility. You can always reach out to Zodiac psychics specializing in the craft to find out all the details. 

Planetary Influences

Comparing the planetary positions, or synastry, between charts is an important indicator of romantic compatibility. 

  • Positive aspects between planets like Venus, Mars, the Moon, Neptune, and even Uranus or Pluto can be strong indicators of romantic and sexual attraction.
  • On the other hand, challenging aspects between planets like Saturn, Mars, Uranus, and the Moon can indicate conflict and romantic incompatibility.

Reading Your Love Horoscope

Where do most people find their daily love horoscope readings? How do you interpret what the latest readings mean?

Where to Find Love Horoscopes

Since the early 1900’s, horoscopes have been a popular feature of many daily periodicals in the United States such as newspapers, magazines, and pamphlets. With the advent of the internet, horoscopes have also made their way into cyberspace. 

In fact, there are currently numerous astrological websites and apps where it’s easy to find a daily or weekly love horoscope for your reading enjoyment.

Interpreting Your Horoscope

The first step in understanding how to read and interpret your love horoscope is to know what your astrological sign is. That’s because astrologers determine a love horoscope by date of birth and organize them by sign, such as an Aries love horoscope, or a Cancer love horoscope.

Once you know what sign your date of birth falls under, you can then read how the planets will be affecting you.

  • Newspaper and magazine love horoscopes (including online) are usually brief and very general, so it’s not unusual for them to not apply to you on certain days. 
  • Websites usually provide more details and discuss planetary trends that may raise challenges and affect your communication with a loved one or compatibility with a new love.

>>Get $10 credit for a love horoscope at Purple Garden

Love Horoscopes: Fun or Fact?

Safe to say not everyone’s a fan of love horoscopes, and we understand where they’re coming from. Although the symbolism of Astrology is based on the science of Astronomy that calculates the movements of the planets in our solar system, many scientists are skeptical about horoscopes.

The reason is because they see no scientific evidence of a link between the movements of the planets and what occurs in human activity on Earth. On the other hand, science does acknowledge that the Moon directly affects the sea tides. 

The Power of Belief

A famous philosopher and mystic once said, “Existence is everything that is known, but it is not all that is real.” 

  • Science is the perfect example of how the mind tries to organize the unknown into something it can understand. 
  • Astrology is an example of what the soul senses is real even when there is no immediate proof.

An example of this difference turns up quite frequently in modern medical testing in the form of a paradox known as the “placebo effect.” This occurs when someone in the test group is given a sugar pill rather than the medication, yet they manage to get better anyway.

Science disregards this as an illusion, yet the fact that it happens quite frequently would suggest to a more mystical sensibility that our mind has a lot more power than we realize. 

Getting Your Love Horoscope in 2024

Since ancient times, people have been captivated by the idea that planets and unseen forces might shape our lives. Love horoscopes, a form of fortune-telling, have stood the test of time. 

Millions of people read their horoscopes daily, either in print or online from sites like Purple Garden. Even modern psychology, with figures like Carl Jung, has embraced the archetypal images of astrology, delving into planetary symbolism.

If you’ve ever perused your love horoscope, you’ve likely noticed its oscillation between nonsense and surprising accuracy. Here’s the deal: astrology isn’t about predicting the future; it’s a mirror reflecting patterns in our lives. It nudges us to consider change.

The deeper message lies not in what will or won’t happen, but in recognizing our true needs and how to manifest them.

Love horoscopes aren’t just fun; they’re instructive. They reveal our growth potential and the barriers we create. So, whether you’re a Taurus or an Aries, remember: astrological aspects don’t dictate your future; your choices do. 


>>Get $10 credit for a love horoscope at Purple Garden

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