Hayward’s Public Schools Have a Problem With Race (News), Mar. 4

Don’t Judge All Hayward Teachers As the Same

I have trouble taking this article seriously. The sources are questionable and there is not one teacher who is interviewed.

I am a parent of a student in HUSD. My child has attended Lorin Eden, Park School and Schafer Park. The teachers have been good to my child. My child has been taught that diversity is beautiful. My child has experienced art projects funded out of the pocket of their own teachers. There was teachers out there fighting for representation. There are teachers who understand that sometimes, school is the safest place for a child. There are teachers who stay after school to personally tutor a student.

Not all teachers are represented in this article. All teachers in HUSD are being targeted in this article and it is not ok. There are parents who are angry, I get it, but there is a peaceful way to handle this.

AA DelaCruz

I am currently raising a black child in HUSD. I will be the first to tell you that Hayward in general lacks the cultural competency to even wield the tools to educate black children.

My black child has been sent home with all Spanish books, they were speaking exclusively Spanish in her class while ignoring other students, and I was pissed. I understand Latinos make up a large part of the demographic in Hayward, but you came to this country to take advantage of the education not to have your presence erode the educational experience for other minorities. My daughter is a 10th-generation American who is still disproportionally impacted even in a dense minority population because she black. She’s even more of an afterthought in this city than in Oakland. Most of the programs are clearly geared towards non-English speaking families. My child deserves the exact same type of resources as the children who are coming here. Cultural safe spaces help children thrive. There arent many for the black student body in HUSD.


After having a child in the Hayward district and now graduated I can tell you the parents are playing the race card. The parents are the reason the schools are out of control — their children are out of control and abusive toward other children of color! We moved to home school and left the district.

marlese carroll

The Hidden Cafe Is the Hub of Strawberry Creek Park, Restaurant Review, Mar 4

A Hidden Gem

I love the cafe! It’s a gem and perfect for a park picnic. Plus the genius of the tea combos is unparalleled to anything I’ve had before.

Casey Massman

Will the State Take Over PG&E? And If That is Possible, Is It Also Wise? (News), Feb. 26

Think About This Smartly

PG&E has electric and gas departments so a state takeover should contemplate not only how the electric department should be restructured but also how the gas department will be handled in a state takeover. While many Northern CA cities would like to embrace public power and distribute electricity within city boundaries they may be less inclined to distribute natural gas which some day will be displaced by renewable energy. A state takeover of the transmission lines, municipalization of distribution and a private buyout of the gas dept. is one possible solution as other natural gas utilities would likely be interested in buying PG&E’s gas dept.


A Different Relationship With Housing (Feature), Mar. 4

Public Housing Should
Be For Everyone

Great story. I have only one comment – we need to move past the language of public housing = low income housing (i.e. especially primarily/always poor people of color). I grew up in NYC public housing that was majority white working class, and in an era when NY state funded cooperative housing for middle class residents. Too much to go into here, the whole history of defunding public housing, creating the memes of public housing = welfare (POC) housing, building the strategies of dividing white working class and POC.
In an area where $100,000 + annual incomes are considered to qualify for low-income housing assistance, public-funded housing needs to be reclaimed for a broad segment of working class and un/under employed of all colors.



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