Legalization 2012 Infighting Begins in Colorado, California

Ballot initiatives to legalize cannabis in 2012 for recreational use in Colorado and California are currently being reviewed by election officials in each state, but reformers agree on very little.

In Colorado, HuffPo posts “Marijuana Policy Project, The Drug Policy Alliance, SAFER, and Sensible Colorado all joined forces and produced eight different versions of the same initiative seeking legalization of marijuana intended for the 2012 ballot.” But the move pissed off libertarian reformers, who don’t want to see cops put in charge of a recreational marijuana police state.

In California, it’s the libertarians that are first to file in Sacramento with the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine initiative. Backed by Lake Tahoe activist Steve Kubby, the initiative seeks to throw open county jails for any suspects held on suspicion of marijuana crimes, and cuts drug cops out of any state tax revenue from weed. Instead unpaid, volunteer, “Harm Reduction Officers” will supervise the state’s new weed program. Sounds like someone’s been getting way too high.


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