Kool Keith Letters Continue

“Stop slagging and start praising the coolest thing to put out in years,” some Brit says of my Kool Keith article, “Kool Keith CD Scam Exposed,” while Dan the Automator has his own words on the subject in this week’s column, “Dashed Hoop Dreams.” We retort, you decide. Read the letter after the jump.

October 24, 2006, 7:21 am MST

what a load of gorilla’ bollocks

i have to say, i have been involved in making several albums, and i do not know of one that wasn’t finished with blood, sweat, arguments and tears… all that ultimately matters is the end result… Return of Dr. Octagon is an incredible album and who can blame anyone from keeping Kool Kieth at arms length, i mean shit, he’s not exactly the most together dude around… shit one band we have we have an organ player we have been designing a flight case for, just so we can get him to gigs and back again without any grief…

it doesn’t mean he’s not in the band… nor that he ain’t great…

I mean these days ain’t it amazing people all over the world are making music with people they have never met, but it sounds amazing!

All this bloody bollocks and slagging off, it’s about music, nothing else, and music is not made by everyone being very chummy with each other and it all being a piece of cake… you got to push it to the limit and shit, if you are still friends at the end of it you are very lucky.

Stop slagging off One Watt Sun, I don’t know anyone baring dangermouse who has pushed production that far on a computer, and however it happened they should be loved and applauded for it…

It really pisses me off that this has become such a bloody big story about nothing… and you aren’t actually bothering to say what an incredible piece of production it is… how cool it is that it happened however it happened… it someone found the greatest work of art in the ground man had ever made, do you think it matters that the two painters almost killed each other making it?!?!

The interesting thing about this record isn’t kool kieth, it’s one watt sun, they are the real talent at work here.
Kool is cool, but those boys did something noone else has done at the moment, and they deserve a musical medal for it.

Yeah…Some people hate it, but some people absoultely love it, and thats a sign that it’s something pretty special… and grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… grow up and stop gossiping.

Yeah your right, you shouldn’t buy any amazing piece of art that has a nasty story behind it… or did pan out in a nice happy clappy way… for that matter, why don’t you empty your fucking cupboard and tear off your sweat factory clothes, smear yourself in hippy shit and listen to some wacky happy music.


I would love to know the story behind Dr Octagon the first one, i bet it ain’t that pretty…

Stupid fucking monkey, or sorry i mean…gorilla bollocks…

Stop slagging and start praising the coolest thing to put out in years.


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