.Karmic Red Threads

For the week of April 4-10, 2012.

For the next several weeks, the planets are rearranging their positions, providing a rare opportunity to experience the Wheel of Life in motion. And although it can be argued that this great karmic turning is always taking place, we seldom have a chance to witness as well as experience its recalibration so potently. Many of us could feel pulled in a new direction, as if caught by mighty undercurrents and powerless to overcome their strength. Others, compelled by new inspiration and aspiration, could experience an overwhelming desire to set their personal course toward what previously felt unachievable. Still more are likely to feel their feet on the ground for the first time in what has seemed like too long, and that groundedness is sure to give birth to a new sense of purpose and enterprise. Wherever you find yourself along this spectrum of adjustment, know that you are in process. The current astral rotation occurs in its own time, and there is no pushing it to hurry up nor negotiating with it to slow down.

Mercury Retrograde ended on April 4 at 2:11 a.m. (I can hear that sigh of relief.) Mars Retrograde ends on April 13 at 7:52 p.m. (I can feel the anticipation.) But that doesn’t mean that either planet will gain forward momentum quickly. Mercury takes until Monday to resume its normal quicksilver pace. Mars takes much longer; it won’t be up to its competitive capacity until the end of the month. So continue to be patient and don’t expect any one area — especially the area you most need to budge — to move at a satisfying rate.

The last several months of retrograde review, reflection, and reconsideration have been uncomfortable and disconcerting for several reasons. Mars, retrograde in Virgo, focused on details that couldn’t be overlooked or finessed, no matter how huge the effort to sweep them under the carpet. Mercury Retrograde amplified that Martian review, and added the extra element of instability, as Uranus helped to spotlight stagnation and atrophy. If you haven’t identified that one persistent repetitive pattern — or what I like to call the karmic red thread — that has held you hostage to patterns you’ve tried repeatedly to transform, keep looking. Use the forward, yet deliberate pace of the next few weeks to isolate that theme. Many of us have experienced it as that one issue of truth that must be faced. For some, that thread appears to be financial, but don’t be fooled by surface appearances; money could symbolize deeper issues of personal worth. For others, the theme is all about betrayal, but again, penetrate the depths of your despair, and be willing to explore your role in the dynamic. For even more, the retrograde red thread has been deeply emotional, surfacing issues of longing for connection and meaning through love, home, and safety, as well as the longing to be seen and received fully by family, friends, or lovers. From a spiritual perspective, many have simply yearned for the deeper truth of the heart.

Mostly retrogrades are about frustration, especially when Mercury and Mars — the two planets that drive the mechanics of daily life — are both in “reverse.” But nothing that occurs in the sky is ever solely about superficial indications. The shifts of the coming weeks allow all of us an opportunity to witness what occurs when individual responses to persistent personal themes coalesce into a collective mood. Gather your strength and hold true to your vision of what’s possible, and continue to put your soul power to the karmic wheel.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES There’s no need to worry, but there is also no need to put your cards on the table. Continue to be patient, and the situation will play out with a positive outcome.

TAURUS Rather than thinking of creativity as an art or a craft, embody its power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, and seize this creative moment.

GEMINI Allow the deep emotional tides that flood your days and nights to reveal exactly what you need to find a true sense of safety and security.

CANCER Your situation is still about learning when to speak and when to listen. There’s no need to voice an opinion purely for the sake of having something to say.

LEO Stay aware and conscious of your finances, and continue to pay attention to all the details. Positive, conscious concerns will produce positive results.

VIRGO Your leadership role continues to spotlight several areas still in need of compassionate consideration. Leading by kind example will make your efforts more effective.

LIBRA Eventually you will speak your mind, but not until you’re sure about what it is you feel. Continue to take your time — knowing your heart is not a competitive sport.

SCORPIO You’re still in process, and making any decisions other than those that are absolutely necessary could make you antsy. Take a deep breath, and reconsider your options.

SAGITTARIUS You’ve done the best you can to hold the tension of opposites, and now as the stress starts to lessen, you need time to replenish your reserves of enthusiasm and joy.

CAPRICORN Rather than being rattled by all the shifts that are occurring, invite and embrace the changes. Welcoming innovation will allow greater participation in a co-creative vision.

AQUARIUS Transform polarization into synthesis by using this alchemical moment to create compromise and reconciliation. It may be difficult work, but it’s worth the effort.

PISCES Relationship is still the primary issue so continue to pay attention to all your interactions. And remember: Love is the answer. Apply it everywhere.


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